Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Birthday (a lil late) to My First Love

Happy Birthday Wes!!!!

To celebrate Wes's 32nd Birthday, here are 33 random things (because you need one to grow on!) about the man who still makes my heart skip a beat:

1.  He is the best father ever.  Tucker and Gracie are so blessed to call him Daddy!
2.  Also, the best husband ever.  Seriously, there is not anything else that I could ask for or from him.  He is amazing!
3.  He is one of the most selfless people I know.  He would do anything for anybody.
4.  He is a man of God. Truly. He lives his life to follow Jesus and is the godly leader of our family. I don't know what I did to deserve him and I don't deserve him, but I am so thankful to have been given such a gift from God.
5.  He used to never miss an episode of The Young & the Restless.  Yup, he started watching it when he was younger.  We watched it together when we started dating, and he got me a little hooked.  We haven't watched it in a long time now though.  However, I'm willing to bet he still looks things up on line about Y&R just to see what's going on.
6.  He is funny.  No, hilarious! 
7.  He is a remote hog.
8.  He has this 'move' or imitation that he does of a dinosaur from Jurassic Park.  It's pretty good too.  (lol!)
9.  He has every line of every old movie memorized.
10.  He is a true romantic at heart.  Seriously, the gifts he gives me and the letters he writes, so sweet.  He's way better at that stuff than I am.
11.  He would have liked to have joined the Airforce and been a fighter pilot.  (I'm very thankful that is NOT our lifestyle!)
12.  He loves pumpkin seeds.
13.  And Sea Salt Carmel Ice Cream, Kroger brand.
14.  He eats a bowl pretty much nightly, and always in bed.
15.  He is an amazing cook and grill-master.
16.  He was in the marching band and can still get busy on the snare drum.
17.  He pitched on the baseball team in high school and threw a really mean curve ball.
18.  He is always calm, cool and collected.
19.  He always knows the right thing to do.
20.  Has nick names that include 'Wuz', 'Lucky Dog', 'Wheels', & 'Collaliah'.
21.  His first car was a 1982 Oldsmobile '98.
22.  He sings in the shower, really loud.
23.  He used to be a teacher's pet in high school.
24.  He enjoys video games.
25.  He likes his stake medium-rare.
26.  He loves a good nap, especially on Sundays!
27.  He is really good at his job, which allows me to be a stay-at-home-most-of-the-time mom.
28.  He is a great spider killer.
29.  He has two younger sisters who look up to and admire him.
30.  All of his sisters' friends think he's super hot (of course I couldn't agree more!)!
31.  He scored almost a perfect score on his driver's test.
32.  He has a pair of aviator sunglasses that make him look like Usher.
33.  He used to sing me "Yeah-Yeah" songs (and I kinda miss them!).

Happy Birthday, Baby! 

Mommy, Tucker & Gracie 

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