Monday, September 5, 2011

A Smelly Milestone!

Tucker poopied in the potty for the first time last weekend!

No, we are still not "officially" potty training, but that's because Mommy is being L-A-Z-Y.  I'm thinking Tucker's definitely ready (which means Mommy needs to get on the ball...).  Anyway, about once or twice a day, I'll let him go around without a diaper on.  We usually hang out around the bathroom, just in case he doesn't get that "gotta go" feeling until the last minute.  This typically consists of him sitting on the potty reading book after book, running to his room to grab a new one, and then returning to the potty.  Mommy hangs out in the hallway because, well, Tucker tells me to.  Yup, he wants to do his business in private.  He'll tell me, "Shut door Mommy" or "Do myself."  The funny thing is, he will read his books for about 20 minutes, decide he's done in the bathroom, run to the kitchen and then stop after a few seconds only to dart back to the bathroom and pee in the potty.  (What is it about the kitchen that makes him have to pee??) 

Ok, back to the poopy.  Last Saturday morning, we were going through the whole routine.  I was sitting in the hallway waiting to hear his potty sing indicating he had peed when I heard, "Uh oh....  Mommy??"  The way he said, "Mommy" made me think to myself, "Wonder what this is about..."  I knew I hadn't heard his potty sing.  I opened the door to find that Tucker had pooped in the potty!  I think he wasn't quite sure what had happened.  He seemed kinda confused until I became all excited and said, "Tucker!  You poopied in the potty!"  and yelled for Wes to come see.  And it wasn't just a little bit of poop, it was A LOT of poop lol!  (Don't worry, you're not about to see a picture of my son's poop below!) 

I'll be honest with y'all, the whole potty-training thing is not something I'm looking forward to.  For one thing, I learned today that cleaning poop out of a potty is a lot more yucky than changing a dirty diaper, why is that?  Secondly, it means that accidents are inevitable.  Having pee (or poop!) on my carpet is not something that sounds appealing.  Thirdly, it probably means a good 3+ days of house arrest until some kind of consistency is established.  Fourthly, anything that requires even the slightest bit of mental and/or physical effort is way too much right now for this 36 week and 4 day pregnant woman!  Maybe we'll hold off until after Christmas..... 

On another note, Daddy and I are so proud of you, Tucker!!! :)

*The above picture is a couple months old and from Daddy's phone, so please excuse the quality.  I realized I haven't taken a picture of Tucker on the potty in quite some time and posts are much more fun with at least some relevant picture, so this was the winner ;)  Also, I have had this post in draft form since last Saturday, waiting on an appropriate picture.  I've learned that hundreds of my posts go unpublished because of that very reason, waiting on a picture.  Therefore, in an effort to keep this virtual baby book up to date and document my babies regularly, I can't wait on the perfect picture ;)


Stover's site said...

oh girl - I only had one poop in the baby potty episode before I realized I had to just use the big potty for training purposes. I counldn't do it. Cleaning poop out of a dry plastic bowl???? G-ROSS!!!! Hooray for Tucker though!!!! He is such a smart litte boy. That's awesome! Love you!

Anonymous said...

If you put a little toilet paper in the bottom of the bowl before use it's a lot easier to clean up.

Potty training is a great milestone--the fact that you have another little one on the way will make it abundantly clear to Tucker that he is a big boy--definately not a baby. Put this to work for yourself in the area of potty training!
Good luck!