Sunday, August 21, 2011

And She Shall Be Called....

Anna Grace

But around these parts, she's known as   Gracie  :) 

Or, as   Gracie Bear   by Daddy and I.

"Anna" is the name that Wes and I have had picked out for our future daughter for quite some time now.  Somewhat of a family name since my Mom's middle name is "Anne".  It's close enough to claim being named after Memaw, right?

My Sweet Gracie Bear,
Right now you are kicking and punching the heck outta Momma!  And I love every one of those jabs and drop kicks!  I am so excited to meet you, to hold you so close and kiss those sweet cheeks!  (But, no rush, you still have several weeks of growing to do yet!) 
There are so many things that I look forward to about having a daughter!  I hope that we will be best friends.  I hope that you will always know that you can come to me about anything and everything.  I hope that I'm the first person you want to come to about everything, good or bad. 
I look forward to the special bond we will have.  I can't wait to watch you and Tucker together, to see the look on his face when he meets you for the first time.  To watch you try to follow your big brother around.  And I am especially excited about the special bond that you and Daddy will have.  Daddy loves you so much, he lights up every time you're name is mentioned! 
Gracie, it's like you've always been a part of our family, like you've been in Mommy's belly forever (lol! thank goodness that's not the case!).  When Tucker says his night-night prayers, he always says, "Thank you Gracie Mommy's belly."  And, of course, Daddy and I always thank God for our sweet Gracie Bear!
We all love you SO, SO, SO, SO much, way more than words!


Stover's site said...

awesome. Now I need a tissue! Gracie bear is already loved so much. Can't wait to meet her!!!! Love you!

Mama Perks said...

Her name is SO stinkin' sweet!! And she is SO lucky to have you, Wes, and TuckerBug to welcome her into the world.