Monday, August 8, 2011

Tucker's First Movie!

Last Sunday, Daddy and I took Tucker to see his very first movie, Winnie the Pooh!

What's a movie without some pre-movie video games?

There's something about a giant bag of popcorn that makes my Tucker Bug look like such a big boy!

Tucker was so good throughout the movie (which was only an hour and three minutes, including previews, so it's the perfect "first" movie!).  During the previews, he kept saying, "Winnie the Pooh at?"  I'm with ya, Tucker Bug!  Why show previews of anything other than Winnie the Pooh at a Winnie the Pooh movie?

He was pretty entertained by the movie and only started to get a little restless during the last 20 minutes.  We decided to get out while we were ahead and skipped the last 10 minutes of the movie, at which point I asked Tucker, "Are you ready to go?"  He responded VERY loudly with, "Bye bye movie!" and continued to tell the movie "Bye Bye" over and over again until we exited the theatre! 

I think we have lots more movies in our future! 


The Nix Fam said...

fun, fun! can't wait to take J. we're not quite there yet :-)

jeanneburnett said...

oh what fun! Your right--perfect 1st movie! We keep saying we are going to take Mark, it hasn't happened yet.