Thursday, August 25, 2011

Funny Thursday

Yesterday, Wes was changing Tucker's dirty diaper.  For Wes, this takes some concentrating.  So, he wasn't as attentive to Tucker as Tucker would have liked.  Here's what Tucker did about it:

Tucker:  "Daddy.  Daddy.  Daddy!  Daaaaaaddddddyyyyy!  [Wes still doesn't answer because he's focused on the 'dirty' task at hand.]  Wes!  Weeessss!!!"

Daddy:  "What did you call me?!"

Tucker, with a smile on his face:  "Daddy!"

I guess maybe it's time for Mommy to only refer to Daddy as Daddy! 

I thought that was funny and thought I would share. 

Happy Thursday!  :)

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