Thursday, February 3, 2011

Aunt Jenni Pooh!

Yesterday morning, bright and early at 7:20, Wes, Tucker & myself headed east to Eastern Kentucky University to cheer on the Washington County Commanderettes, specifically Wes's sister Jennifer, in the All "A" Classic Tournament.
Tucker was only slightly more interested in climbing the bleachers and up and down (and up and down...) the stairs than what was going on on the court. However, he still knew who he was cheering on!Okay, so that was an honest attempt at getting a picture of "Jenni Pooh's Biggest Fan" when sitting in Daddy's lap was the absolute last place he wanted to be! I think Jennifer was the only one who could wrangle him in! Tucker LOVES his Aunt Jenni Pooh!Unfortunately, the Commanderettes lost a tough, tough game. They played really hard and put everything out on the court, and we are so proud of them! The team that beat them, Owensboro Catholic, has a girl on their team, a sophomore, who is the 3rd leading scorer in the nation. Yes, you read that right, in the NATION! She's pretty bad too! We'll be seeing her playing for a D1 school in the next few years.

Anyway, after our long morning and probably a thousand flights of stairs, Tucker was ready for a nap.
We're so proud of you #22!!!!

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Mommy Webb said...

What a sweet shirt. I am sure Aunt Jenni had a smile on her face everytime she looked in the bleachers and saw the Bug's precious face:).