Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Way Too Fast

Tonight, when putting Tucker to bed, I realized just how fast he's growing up. It just hit me all of a sudden! Okay, maybe not all of a sudden. I think every monthly update I have done has included the words "You are getting SO big SO fast!" But still, I never fail to be amazed at how fast Tucker is growing up! I mean where did my baby go?! He is such a big boy, so independent, so NOT a baby. That makes his Mama very, very sad. :(

After nursing him tonight, I rocked and rocked him. He put his hand in mine and his hand was just so big! I have always been in love with his hands, well every part of him for that matter, but his hands are a favorite. I hold them and wonder about all the things he will do with them through out his life. How he will play catch with Daddy with those hands. How he will hold my hand as we walk into his first day of school. How he will hold his baby brother or sister with those hands one day. How he will shoot many winning basketball shots with those hands. How he will hold his own baby with those hands. Okay, I jumped WAY ahead there with that one. The point is those hands aren't so little anymore and neither is my boy. He is growing up so fast.

I rocked him as long as he would let me before he started pointing to his crib. He's such a big boy that he just doesn't need Mama to rock him until he's sleeping. I kissed each hand and then those delicious cheeks before laying him in his crib. He blew me a kiss and then rolled over, snuggling his silky. Such a big boy.

I just hope that big boy always thinks his Mama Rocks!

I love you Bubby! Just don't grow up on me too fast. Mama needs her baby big boy for at least a little while longer!


Mommy Webb said...

I think Tucker Bug looks a lot like his daddy, but I must say that he looks like you too, Tiff. I think I would roll over and die of pure bliss if Walker blew a kiss to me before he went to sleep. Those little moments are worth more than all the diamonds in the world!

Stover's site said...

oh man - now I need a darn tissue. This one definitely made me teary. Time really does fly! Jonathan blows me a kiss every night too and I love it. I cherish the little routines, even when nite nite time drags on and on some nights. What a sweet post. Love you!

Mama Perks said...

Seriously Tiff-I'm with Rach and're getting WAY too sappy for all of us Mamas!!! But it's the truth-they grow up WAY to fast. AND WILL always rock in TuckerBug's eyes :)