Monday, February 7, 2011

All Kinds of Tired

After a busy weekend and a Monday at work, I am T-I-R-E-D!

So tired in fact, that I might have encouraged Wes to stop for take out on his way home from work even though I spent $180 on groceries only days ago, just so I wouldn't have to come home and wrangle up some dinner.

So tired that I might have allowed my toddler to eat preztels that I had previously told him "No" to after he decided he was done with his take out after only a couple bites.

So tired that in an effort to make sure my son ate more than just pretzels for dinner, I put a saucer of peas on the living room coffee table for him to eat while he played with Daddy.
So tired that I might have finished my dinner and hit the couch, leaving Wes to entertain Tucker till his bath time (not that Wes minds that at all!).

So tired that I allowed Wes to bath Tucker, get him ready for bed, give him his night-night snack, and clean up the kitchen. (Thank God for an AMAZING husband!)

And, yes, my kitchen was a mess even though we had take out! Mostly from breakfast and the dry oatmeal that I allowed Tucker to graze on until Wes got home with the food! (He loves dry oatmeal! Weird, I know, but Wes said he also liked it as a kid. Can something like that actually be genetic?!?!)

So tired that I might have pretended to not notice when the dog ate the peas that Tucker had dropped on the floor. (She'll pay for that one tomorrow! She probably won't eat all day. I hope those peas were worth it! Talk about a natural consequence! Do dogs get natural consequences? Sure they do, but that is a little too delayed to be effective...).

So tired, that I am now obviously in stream of consciousness mode!

Here's to hoping y'all had a tired-free Monday, but if you were tired, I hope it's because you had a weekend full of busy activities that involve the ones you love!


melissaballard said...

If I didn't know better I'd guess you were pregnant :)

mommy raker said...

Mondays are always full of tired! ugh! funny how it takes until thursday to get over weekend-hangover then its the weekend again :p but VERY worth it!

Tucker's Mama said...

Melissa, Only a preggers would think that! lol!

Mommy Webb said...

That is exactly what I thought, Melissa!!!!

Mama Perks said... somebody with CHILD?!?!? that was my FIRST thought :)