Monday, December 13, 2010

What I'm Thankful For - Tucker Bug Edition

If I wasn't a mother.....

*I wouldn't have scratches all over my coffee table and end tables.
*My favorite big candle holder from Pottery Barn with the river rock and the big red candle in my favorite scent would still be the centerpiece of that scratch-free coffee table.
*You wouldn't have to look under the rug and couch for coasters.
*I wouldn't find smashed peas and blueberries in my carpet.
*I would sleep until 10:00 am (possibly even later) on Saturdays.
*It wouldn't take me 2 hours to get out of the house in the mornings.
*When I try to schedule a last minute hair appointment with my favorite stylist and they say, "Can you come in 20 minutes?" I could answer, "Absolutely."
*I would be on time more often.
*My house would actually be clean, not just straightened up 20 minutes before expecting company.
*I might not be drowning in laundry. (Okay, well that's not entirely true.... I hate doing laundry, so I would probably still be drowning in it!)
*I wouldn't have tiny hand prints all over my windows.
*I wouldn't know 50 children's books by heart.
*I would still be able to wear low-rider jeans without fear of resembling a breakfast item.
*I wouldn't constantly trip over toys.
*My make-up and hair would be just right instead of 'that-will-do'.
*I wouldn't need to buy a gazillion batteries every couple weeks.
*I would have an additional cabinet and drawer in my kitchen to put actual kitchen items in.
*I wouldn't be too embarrassed to take my car to get it cleaned out because of all the Cheerios and who knows what else in it.
*I would never know true love.

Thank you for the scratches on my furniture and the hand prints on my windows; it means my son is curious and able to explore his curiosity. Thank you for the smashed food in my carpet; it means my son is eating and healthy. Thank you for less sleep in the mornings and the 2 hours it takes me to get out the door; it means I have more time to enjoy my son. Thank you for the toys I trip over and the children's books I have memorized; it means I am able to provide those things for my son and that he has a passion for learning and exploring. And, yes, even thank you for the trouble with low-rider jeans; it means I was able to carry my son for 9 1/2 months and experience the indescribable joy of giving birth to the most beautiful baby boy! THANK YOU for loving me enough to bless me with the most wonderful, priceless gift ever - being a mother, and not to just anybody, but to the most perfect child in the world - the one you created all for me! Thank you for showing me only a glimpse of your love for me through my love for Tucker. For all this, I am eternally grateful.
There isn't anything in the world I would rather be than Tucker's Mom!
I am SO thankful for him and what he means to me and Wes.


Stover's site said...

such a sweet post. (as I wipe a few tears from my eyes.) Being a mommy is the nearest thing we'll ever know that could even touch the love Jesus has for us. Amazing! Love you girl - we need to get together!

melissaballard said...

Beautiful post, Tiff!