Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sneaky Little Guy!

Tucker only gets his paci during nap time and at night. (Well, and in the car when all else fails.)
He knows this. There's usually about 3 pacis in his crib (so if he wakes up mid-nap or in the middle of the night one is always within reach!). When Tucker wakes up in the morning or from a nap, he always turns on his mobile and then plays around. One of his favorite ways to entertain himself in his crib is to put his pacis in between the mattress and the bumper, the crib and the wall, or go all out and toss a paci across the room. Which means when I get him out of his crib I hunt down his pacis and we tell them "Night Night!" and Tucker puts them back in his crib. Well, it never fails that there is always at least one paci I can't find. I look in between the bumper and the mattress, the bumper and the crib, under the crib, behind the rocker, everywhere! No paci. But that little stinker, I believe he knows right where he hides those pacis that go missing and sneaks them later! Like he's thinking, "Let's see, Mommy won't think to look here. I'll stash it and will be able to get it later."

This morning was one of those times. After breakfast, I was putting away some of Tucker's clothes when I turned around to this: Yup, that's the missing paci that I looked everywhere for! I have no clue where it was, but obviously Tucker did! Look at this face. He knows he's a sneaky little guy!


Mama Webb said...

Oh, girl. Walker did the same thing and still does. I am convinced that he still has a secret stash somewhere that I haven't found because the number in his crib keeps dwindling. So cute!

Mama Perks said...

Hehe...seriously...we're all in BIG trouble with these boys.