Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hello Caffeine! Oh How I've Missed You!

I haven't had any caffeine since November 2008. I gave it up a few months before Wes and I planned to start trying to get pregnant. (Ha! I have to laugh at the word "trying" in that sentence! We got pregnant with Tucker the first time we didn't try NOT to! Something I am very thankful for!) While I know you can drink a limited amount of caffeine while pregnant and nursing, I have this fear that one day some break through study will surface showing how caffeine is linked to ADHD, reading problems, having 6 toes, I don't know! I know it's probably completely unvalidated and that there has probably been a ton of research done to show that a limited amount of caffeine is absolutely harmless. Maybe my real reason for steering completely clear of it is driven by the fact that I was borderline addicted to caffeine. I had coffee in the morning and at least 4 diet Cokes throughout the day. If I went without it for a length of time I would develop a headache.

Well, today I had a 100% fully-caffeinated coffee for the first time since November 2008. And oh how I missed it! In the mornings I usually dump out what's left of Wes's coffee and make my own pot of decaf. (Actually starting a couple weeks ago I started mixing some regular coffee in with my decaf.) This morning I was too lazy to make a new pot and drank what was left of Wes's wonderful energy-filtrating cup of java. Hello caffeine! A couple years ago, I could have drank 3 cups in the morning and needed another come lunch. Today, that one cup seemed to last all day. I don't know, maybe it was all in my mind, but it worked!

I'm almost looking forward to tomorrow morning! Almost.

Here's to hoping y'all have that little something that gets you going in the morning and keeps you going all through the day!

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