Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm Not Going to be THAT MOM

Tucker LOVES pizza! Now, he doesn't get it very often, which apparently to him is not nearly enough. A couple weeks ago, we had some friends over and had ordered pizza. Tucker had a few bites before going to bed. We left the empty pizza boxes on the counter, waiting until the next day to take them to the trash can (tell me we're not the only ones who do that!). When Tucker got up the next morning and saw the pizza boxes he refused to eat his breakfast. He kept pointing at the boxes and signing "eat".

Anyway, tonight Tucker had Mommy's turkey "surprise" meatballs (ground turkey meatballs with spinach, carrots and zucchini baked in), broccoli, and carrot sticks for dinner. Wes got home from work a little late tonight and he was feeling pizza so I made pizza for Wes and I. Of course, Tucker wanted in on that action!
(I promise the title of this post is relevant.....)
After Tucker finished his pizza, he signed all done. I asked him, "Are you all done?" hoping to get the last 3 bites of my pizza down before I had to clean his off of him. WELL, Tucker looked at Wes and said what sounded just like, "I done Dada." Wes and I looked at each other. I repeated Tucker, "I done Dada!" Wes said, "That's what it sounded like!" Okay, okay, I am NOT going to be that Mom. You know, the one who says her son crawled at 3 months, walked at 6 months, solved all the world's problems at 10 months, or said a 3-word sentence at 13 1/2 months. I know it was more likely a string of sounds ending with "dada," but it sure sounded like "I done Dada!" But again, I am NOT going to be that Mom.
On that note, Tucker has recently started repeating words. He's had some words that he has used for a while, but I mean trying to repeat words you randomly ask him to. His vocabulary is really expanding. Even if he's not able to say the word we ask him to, he still tries. Well, unless it's some big word, then he just says a word he knows or looks at you like you're crazy! I'm so impressed with him and even though I'm bias, I think I have the smartest 13 1/2 month old on the planet (even if he's not saying 3-word sentences)!

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