Friday, December 3, 2010


Here's my cheesing boy! And this cheesing boy is cutting 4 teeth at once! He's working on the two on either side of his bottom middle (my sister the hygienist would be so mad that I didn't know the name of those they even have a name? I know she would refer to them as numbers...). He's also working on his bottom molars. Here, allow me to zoom in for ya. You can see the left molar has come through and the right on is on it's way.
Is it bad that I didn't even know he was working on his molars? He was mad one night when I made him get out of the tub and when he opened his mouth to show me just how mad he was, I noticed he had this HUGE tooth! I immediately called Wes, who was on his way to play basketball, to tell him. He could hardly hear me because Tucker was still protesting from having his bath interrupted. Wes said he was literally stopped in the middle of the street trying to figure out what I was saying and if he should turn around or not! All he could hear was Tucker screaming and "Tucker has a ...." I can only imagine what he was thinking! Anyway, I guess it's a good thing we haven't had any sleepless nights due to teething. (Knock on wood!) I'm assuming the top molars will be right behind the bottom ones, so I'm praying we'll continue to sail through this.
On another note, can you tell Tucker's saying "Cheese!" in this picture :)

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