Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thanks, Shutterfly!

Have y'all realized just how last minute I am yet lately? Seriously, the whole "pregnancy brain" turned "mommy brain" is like a very bad joke! I used to classify myself as a very organized, got-it-all-together kinda gal, well at least around this time of year. What would that look like this time of year? Well, Christmas shopping would be done with the exception of a few last minute touches like the perfect pair of socks to incorporate into the bow on my sister's gift, or the Flor de Lis Christmas ornament to dangle from the gift basket for a counselor at one of my schools. Tucker's Christmas outfit would be ordered, monogrammed, and hanging neatly in his closet awaiting it's debut. Christmas cards would be mailed. The gifts would be wrapped and placed perfectly under the tree. By this time, I would be enjoying the snow from the stress-free bubble I so carefully positioned myself in.

Well, "Mommy Brain" has taken all that and turned it on it's head. I.am.serious. I can't seem to get myself organized enough to get anything accomplished these days! Christmas shopping.....let's just say I had great intentions of gettin' it both started and finished last Saturday but spent over half my time helping my brother, Nick, shop for his girlfriend. I was able to get 2 people checked off my list, leaving about 20. Which means I will be like all the other last minute shoppers this weekend and next week fighting each other for a parking spot and last minute deals. Woo hoo! And let's not even talk about Tucker's Christmas outfit. I'm just hoping it actually arrives before Christmas or it might become a New Year's outfit....

Then there's the Christmas cards. You know, the chance to put your beautiful family's picture in the mailboxes of your nearest and dearest, along with every other person you've ever met and manage to 'whitepage' their address. Not only have I not ordered our Christmas cards yet, but I have yet to nail down that perfect picture. Yes I have about a dozen recent pictures of Tucker Bug that would do, but the goal is to top last year's card, right? Remember ours:

That was my newborn baby! And while I do happen to think that my toddler has gotten even more delicious with each passing month, he would rather push around toys and hide behind closed doors than to take a posed, Christmas-card-perfect picture these days!
Which leaves Mama ordering Christmas cards at the last minute! It's a good thing there is still time to order that perfect card from my favorite site, Shutterfly!
Once that perfect picture is snapped, the hard part is then to decide which card will perfectly accent that pearly white you managed to bribe your precious lil one to flash. Shutterfly has so many greeting cards to choose from! My favorites are the folded greeting cards because you can include more than one photo and there's room for a personal letter. Of the 221 folded greeting cards to choose from, here are just a few of my favorites:

I like the simplicity of this one, but yet the freedom to include multiple photos:

And maybe I'm just drawn to this one by the cute kid:

I love the fun font on this one:
No matter which card you choose, you can be confident that your pictures and card will turn out great! I have used Shutterfly in the past for invitations and photo books and have always been more than satisfied with their products. I have no doubt my Christmas cards will turn out great too!

Thanks for helping to take one thing off my list, Shutterfly!

Now if only Shutterfly could take care of my shopping and gift-wrapping, and even more importantly, this whole "Mommy Brain" thing!

* They are, however, helping out somewhat. By posting this blog post, they are giving me 50 free holiday cards! It's a special they've been running for bloggers. Score!

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