Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tucker's First Birthday Party!!!!

* First, I need to apologize in advance for all the pictures on this post! There are A LOT! But, it's Tucker's first birthday party, I couldn't leave anything out! I want to look back and remember every detail (not to mention that this is one for the baby book!) :) Hope y'all understand!
If you know me well, you know that I'm not that into "themes" (hence the lack of a theme in Tucker's nursery). However, I really wanted to do a "bug" theme for Tucker's first birthday since he is after all our Tucker Bug! And let me tell you, it was no easy feat. For weeks I searched for bug themes online that would be relevant for a BOY's birthday party. Most searches came up with nothing but ladybugs, which are way too girly for my lil' man. I was almost ready to give up when I came across this invitation. Perfect!

And when I found this fabric, (even though you see turtles and frogs, there are also bees, grasshoppers, flies, and dragon flies - look closely!), well the theme started to take place!
Tucker Bug would have his bug-themed first birthday party after all! :)

It was complete with a cake crawling with bugs!

That sat upon the table cloth made by Memaw:

And a caterpillar made of cupcakes:

that sat on a table surrounded by bugs (what else!? Haha, sorry couldn't resist!):

So, we've got the bugs - check.

Now, to take care of the kiddos. We had 14 lil' ones between the ages of 9 months and 7 years. How do you make sure they're taken care of and entertained? Well, to start, you have cupcakes (check) and of course you need juice boxes, lots and lots of juice boxes lol!!! (check, check!) Then you need a fun activity like...........

a BUG HUNT! Yes, Wes hid 150 fun bugs in our backyard and we let the kiddos loose! Funny thing is, I think the adults enjoyed it almost as much as the kids!
Joshua counting his bugs

Tucker says, "Come on Mom! Keep up! We got bugs to find!"

O'mauri finds another one! I think he found at least 30!

Even those who decided to watch all the bug madness seemed to enjoy watching!

Janelle shows off one of her favorites!
Gavin likes the orange one!
Tatum's not sure how she feels about this whole bug thing!Makenzie's all business!Javon shows off his bugs to Tucker's Uncle Mikie. Erin showing off one of her favorites!

Okay, so the kiddos were having a good time. Now to the main attraction, Tucker's smash cake!I was confident that Tucker would put on a show when it came to devouring his smash cake. Why was I confident? Well, here is what he did on his actual birthday when Wes and I had him a party with just the 3 of us:And this is what his cake looked like after his one-year-old smash cake photo session the day before his party:
So, I had no doubt that he would tear into his smash cake on his birthday....
"Wait Dad! Are those presents?!""Why's everybody singing?""OH OKAY, I remember this!""Let's see.... Do I really want to get all messy again??""Here, Daddy you taste it."

"Okay, Mommy your turn."

"Yeah okay, I think I'm done."

And with that, Tucker started signing 'all done'. So, I was wrong. Apparently, all the cake leading up to the day of his party was too much and he decided to pass!

At least Mommy didn't have to put him directly in the bath tub this time!

By the time we got to the presents, Tucker was slightly tuckered out by all the excitement! However, he managed his way through all the gifts from our amazing family and friends!Of course, Tucker didn't have much actual unwrapping to do.... He remained surrounded by all his cousins and friends and they pretty much stepped up in that department. I think he was basically just handed the opened gifts! But, that's okay, he was wore out anyway!
As a matter a fact, Tucker was so ready for a nap that this was all we could get out of an attempted picture of Tucker with his Memaw and Nana, but since it's the only pic of the 3 of them on his birthday, I had to post it anyway!
Another picture I had to post is this one! Tucker got so many gifts that Tatum decided he wouldn't miss his Radio Flyer red wagon so she staked her claim!

Yes, Tucker had an amazing first birthday party, as you can see from his expression below!

We would like to say thank you to all our family and friends for helping us to celebrate Tucker's first year, the best year of me and Wes's life! We feel incredibly blessed to have you in our lives! We love y'all!

p.s. A very special thank you goes out to my mom for being our photographer and to our videographer, Luke!


Mama Perks said...

What a fabulous party! I'd say the bug theme was a success! His cakes were too cute! And how fun that you did a bug hunt for all the kids!!! SO CREATIVE!

Mama Webb said...

The party was so much fun and the theme was perfect. It fit Tucker "Bug" so well. And the bug hunt was very creative - you're right Mama Perks:). Also, the food was delish. I think everybody had a great time, most importantly, Tucker had a ball.

jeanneburnett said...

I am SOO bummed we missed it! You have such a precious family! Looks like Tucker had PLENTY of help celebrating his 1 bday!!!

Stover's site said...

I hate that we missed it too!!!! Sorry! Oh my goodness - the bug hunt is one of the most creative and fun ideas ever! you should publish this idea in Family Fun magazine. Seriously! Love you!