Wednesday, November 24, 2010

An Experiment & Some Turkeys!

Today, Tucker and I had a few visitors. My 2 nephews, Joshua and O'mauri, niece, Makenzie, and one of my little brothers, Nick, spent the whole day with us! I didn't know we were going to have any company until late last night. That's okay, a few change of plans for the day, and we're good. After all, it isn't very often that I get to spend the day with my nephews, niece, and little brother. I'm sure Bridgette wouldn't mind her kiddos coming to my house for the day a lot more often, but the thought of having 4 little ones under the age of 7, well that's a little more than I can handle on most days!

It might have been more than I could handle today if I didn't get creative. I mean I'd like to think my house is pretty entertaining. We have lots of toys but they're toddler toys. We have an Xbox, but most of the games aren't for little ones to play. We have cable and I'm definitely not above using the TV as a form of entertainment, but not for the whole day. These kiddos need some stimulating activity!

So, during Tucker's nap, we conducted an "experiment." We had glasses of water and food color and made "hypotheses" about what color two colors mixed would make. We made a graph to track our guesses, whether we were right or wrong, and to draw "conclusions" about our findings. (And, yes, when you have an Aunt who is a psychologist, you get fun little lessons on what all those words mean!) I'm not sure how well they'll remember the details, but I'd like to think they will remember the fun they had. :)Then, afterwards, they had to drink the water to see if it changed the color of their pee! You gotta love innocence like that! We also made turkeys for Thanksgiving and talked about what Thanksgiving means. I was only slightly surprised when Nick jumped right in on the activity; after all he is a big kid at heart!
Then after Dad picked up Nick and Jay went downstairs to watch a movie, O'mauri and Kenzie helped me to bake some cakes in preperation for cake balls (yummy!). They were really helpful too! Kenzie poured in the water and the "oil vegetable" and Mauri did a great job cracking the eggs all by himself!
All this fun, and I didn't get one picture of Tucker playing with our house guests. How did that happen!? I think I'm slacking on my picture-taking responsibilities!

Now for rolling some cake balls in chocolate and up next, a sweat potatoe pie! Yup, it's gonna be a late night!

I hope y'all have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow and enjoy time with your family! I'm so thankful for days like today, no matter how hectic and crazy they are!

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