Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Trick-or-Treating 2010

I would like to introduce to you the cutest little lion there ever was!
Tucker Bug is now Tucker the Lion! ROAR!!!!

My sister's wedding reception (following her wedding in Hilton Head earlier in the month) was the Saturday before Halloween, which was the same day designated in Shelbyville as Trick-or-Treat. As such, we missed trick-or-treating at home. So, Tucker and I went trick-or-treating on Friday in Springfield with Holli and Tatum! While this was great for us and we had a really good time, it was sad in that Wes was not able to see Tucker his first time trick-or-treating :( And believe me, Wes was VERY disappointed! This, of course, required a significant amount of picture messaging back and forth, just to make sure no roar went unheard and no sticky paws went unseen!

And speaking of "sticky paws," there were plenty of those considering Tucker had his first sucker (subsequently followed by his 2nd, 3rd, and possibly 4th!)....

"Wait! What is THAT Tatum has?!"

"Mama! Give that candy bucket back! I want one!!!!"(So, yeah I attempted to prevent my son from consuming any candy - while trick-or-treating!!! - took the candy bucket away, and I really thought that was gonna work?! Hahaha!)

"I'll just get one myself out of this other candy bucket!"

"Mmmmm! Tatum was right, this is good!""No suckers? Thanks, but we'll pass!"
And by the way, isn't Tatum the cutest little bumble bee you've ever seen?!
We even caught up with a couple of Tucker's cousins, Xavien and Elyjah!
Yes, we definitely enjoyed Trick-or-Treat this year, but we sure missed Daddy!
I'll leave you with a picture of me and my lil' lion!


Jeanne said...

Super cute Lion! Don't worry Wes, I am sure Tucker will share his candy! ( I know that is Bernie's fav. part!)

Mama Webb said...

So super cute - Walker looked at the screen and said "Tucker!" I love the picture of the two of you:).

Stover's site said...

So cute! He is such a happy boy... and keep in mind that suckers will get you through a LOT of stuff. We always try to have one handy when we need Jonathan to be occupied for a while. He savors every lick... Jacob chomps his up really quick, but Jonathan takes his sweet time and is one sticky mess! In fact, tonight, at Light up Shelbyville, Billy and I said several times - oh man, I wish we had a sucker! :-)