Thursday, November 11, 2010

12 Months!

Here's 12 things my little man is doing at 12 months :)

1. You LOVE to play with doors. You open and close them over and over and especially love to go in a room, close the door, and then have Mommy or Daddy knock on the door so you can "answer it." You think it is SOOO funny!

2. You know and independently use, without being prompted, all the signs we've taught you. That makes me think we should be teaching you more.... You have even made up a few of your own. For example, you touch your middle finger and thumb together and then shake your hand trying to snap your fingers when you hear music. Daddy is always playing music on his i-phone and we have our own little dancing parties. Well, the other day you picked up Daddy's i-phone and did your little "snap" with your hand to let him know you wanted him to play some music :) Daddy said, "I guess we have a sign for music now!"

3. You LOVE books! You can occupy yourself for quite some time just flipping though book after book. We read probably 20 books or more a day, no exaggeration! You've even started this habit that after nursing, you will sign "all done" then immediately sign "book!" There are times when we might be in a hurry (like the mornings Mommy works), but how do I say no to reading a book (or 10!)?!

4. Speaking of nursing, there's no end in sight. You still LOVE to nurse. You do so no less than 3 times a day, sometimes up to 5 times a day. You really only need to about 3 times a day, but if we're home all day you tend to ask for it more frequently, which is fine by Mommy.

5. You tried cow's milk and do not seem to care for it. I'm hoping it grows on you if I keep giving it to you with your meals because, well let's face it Tucker, you really can't nurse forever!

6. You know where your hair, mouth, nose, feet, and belly are and will point to them when asked.

7. You're not walking yet, but are so close. You can stand independently though as soon as you realize you're standing, you fall down. You don't like it. I am confident that if you mustered up enough courage to let go, you could walk! But, there's no rush!

8. You still love to be outside. One of your favorite things to do is to go to the park and climb on the playground. I can't tell you how many times Mommy and Daddy have almost gotten stuck in the round tunnel!

9. You are SO funny! You really have so much personality! You know how to make Mommy and Daddy laugh and you enjoy doing it! We are always saying, "He is so funny!" (I might have said that on your 11 month post too, but you really are SO FUNNY!) Speaking of laughing, you break out in laughter whenever you hear others laugh. The other day we were at a restaurant and there was a large group not far from our table. Every time they would laugh, you would laugh as though you were in on the conversation!

10. You love to play with cars! One of your toy cars require you to shake it up and then it goes. Its probably your favorite, but really any car will do. You also play with non-car items like they are cars. For example, you will get in the drawer in the kitchen that has all the tupperware lids and pull a lid out then proceed to "push" it around the kitchen!

11. You try to put your socks and shoes on your feet.

12. You blow kisses and even make the "mwuah!" sound. When we say, "I love you!" you respond by blowing a kiss - your way of saying "I love you too!"

The list could go on and on, but you'll be 13 months in 4 days (I'm behind on my posts!), so I'll save some things for then!

I'll leave y'all with some pics from Tucker's 1-year photo session :)

Blowing kisses "MWAH!"

Tucker still snuggles, hugs, kisses, and rolls around with his bear. He loves it!

Mommy loves you Tucker Bug!

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