Thursday, November 18, 2010

13 Months!

(First, please excuse the fact that Tucker has on the same shirt he did in his one year pics that I posted on his 12 month update.... I took these pics a few days before Tucker turned 13 months. He was in a silly mood and I took advantage of it and snapped a few pics, not really intending for them to be his official "13 month pics". He happened to be wearing the same shirt he wore in his one year pics and I haven't had a chance to take some official "13 month pics" since then, so we're going with these!)
13 months and happy as ever :)
Tucker signing "book" :)
And, alas, his favorite thing to do!
Books with flaps are Tucker's favorite right now.

Reading to Mommy

And this, folks, is why Mommy's getting a new camara for Christmas! One that can capture on-the-move moments and not come out blurry!
At 13 months, Tucker.....

1. loves to snuggle and give kisses. He is always giving hugs and kisses, he's SO lovable! That's why Mommy calls him her "Love Bug!"

2. is a little sponge! Seriously, he absorbs EVERYTHING! I told Wes tonight, "Quick, think of something to teach him! We need to be teaching him MORE!" Is it normal to stress over whether or not you're teaching your toddler enough? I'm so amazed at how quickly he picks things up. Just tonight he was whining because Wes was opening a new toy and he wanted it NOW. I explained that he had to wait for Daddy to OPEN it and I showed him the sign for "OPEN." He imitated me and I reinforced him, then he looked at Wes and said, "Da!" and signed "open"! Then he found a cord that went with the toy that was in a plastic bag. He showed it to me and signed "open." Later, while he was in the tub I told him to show me "open" and he signed it. A.LITTLE.SPONGE.

3. still loves music and dancing! As soon as he hears music, he "snaps" his fingers and bounces and dances. Even if we're in Kroger. Yeah, he doesn't store music, elevator music, sesame street songs, Daddy's playlist, he likes it all!

4. LOVES his chair with his name on it. Seriously, that has to be the best purchase we've made thus far. Tucker will climb on and off his chair all day long. He takes all his snacks to that chair to eat. He drags his books to that chair. He climbs on it for no reason, and then babbles away to Daddy and Mommy. Oh, and he moves his hands the whole time! Yes, he takes after Mommy and talks with his hands :)

5. is a GREAT eater! Yeah, with the way we started out, you remember - we couldn't bribe baby food down that boy's throat! - I never thought he'd be a great eater! But, he is! He will eat about anything. Veggies, fruits, meats, and everything in between. This makes Daddy and Mommy very happy :)

6. says, "Yay!" in a high-pitched voice, which has made Mommy realize that's how she says it!

7. says, "Da Da!" and goes to the basement stairs when he hears the garage door open. He can hardly wait for Daddy to come up those steps!

8. Speaking of the basement steps, Tucker loves to throw things down them. I can't tell you how many times a day I say, "Tucker, we don't throw your cars/blocks/balls/fill-in-the-blank down the steps." It doesn't phase him.....down the steps it goes!

9. knows that a cow says "moo" and what sound a monkey makes. When asked, "What does a cow say?" he responds with, "mmmooo" and then claps and says in a high-pitched voice, "Yay!" When asked, "What's a monkey say?" he responds by trying to scratch under his arms and "uh uh!" So cute! (Actually, he was doing the cow at 12 months, but I forgot to include it!)

10. has taken steps! Yup, that's right, he's well on his way to walking! It's only been a couple steps and only because he didn't intend to (like moving from the chair to the coffee table) and they're not well controlled steps yet. But, here's a sneak peak into his 14 month post now that we're officially three days into the 14th month.....we're wearing our walking shoes around here! :)

11. might be moving to one nap a day. And Mommy is ready for that! We're still doing a morning and afternoon nap, but most days Tucker's morning nap is pretty long, about 2 1/2 - 3 hours and the afternoon nap is getting shorter and shorter, some days only 45 minutes. (Then again, some days he takes a 2 1/2 hour morning nap and still naps for an hour and a half in the afternoon.) Maybe over Christmas break we'll work on moving him to one nap a day, so any tips are welcomed!

12. loves to color and write. Don't leave a pen laying around, he'll demand it! Then you better find some paper before something else becomes his canvas!

13. can climb out of the tub! Yeah, baths aren't as easy as they used to be. It's no easy task to keep a wet, soapy 13 month old in the tub once he's realized he can climb out. And when he's not trying to climb over the side, he's letting the water out.

Wow, 13 whole months! I still cannot believe it.....

Mommy loves you, Tucker Bug!


melissaballard said...

I can't believe he's 13 months! He's such a sweetie, Tiff and so cuddly and smart! It's been so much fun watching him grow and develop his personality.

Stover's site said...

he's getting so big. and he is still one of the cutest little things i have ever seen. And he's so smart! Go Tucker! As for the nap thing... it's a hard transition, but eventually, it just sort of works itself out. When jonathan gave it up, he was seriously sleepy at 11 or 11:30, but I kept him up intentionally and put him down at 1. He was cranky for a few days, but it started to work very well. he still goes down for nap at about 1 or 1:30 each day. I'm a schedule freak, can you tell? Love you!

Stover's site said...

oh - and I forgot to say that "where's mommy" and "polar bear polar bear" are two of Jonatan's favorite books!!!!!