Friday, November 26, 2010

Both Wes and I are OBSESSED with this ice cream! Seriously, it is the bomb diggity bomb! It's the Kroger brand, Private Selections, Sea Salt Caramel Truffle. To die for! And I'm only slightly ashamed to admit to y'all that we've been eating it every night for a bedtime snack (usually in the bed!) for the past 2 weeks! (Good thing I'm still breastfeeding.....need all the help I can get to burn off those extra calories!)

On another note, I just want it documented that I suggested to Wes last week, you know when the weather was in the 70's!!!, that he go ahead and get the Christmas lights up on the house. It is now in the 30's with snow on the ground!

Thanksgiving post to come! We still have my family's tomorrow, so I'm waiting till were all done before posting pics. Instead, I'll leave you with a pic of me and my little turkey last Thanksgiving :)

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Tucker's Mama said...

Oh, and I really didn't make that clear....Wes did NOT choose to put the lights up last week! Meaning, he still has to do it and it's now freezing!