Monday, December 14, 2009

Corny Mommy

One thing I've realized is that becoming a Mommy will have you doing weird things.... The topic for today's "weird mommy thing" is corny songs made up just for your little one. Tucker and I have a ton of these songs. We have a Wake Up song, a song for bath time, a song about "Mommy and Bubby", and a few other little tunes that Tucker gets a kick out of. Hey, whatever puts a smile on my baby's face! :) I have our favorite songs written down in Tucker's notebook for him so he can one day look back and laugh at his Mommy like Daddy does!
The one that always puts a smile on Wes's face is our "T-U-C-K-E-R" song. I'm going to prove to y'all just how corny of a Mommy I am and share it with you all.

(I would tell you it goes to the tune of some famous song, but it kinda has a tune all of it's own. Besides, I'm not talented enough to sing a song to the tune of another song!)

Tucker, Tucker, Tucker is your name
T is for Top of your class
U is for Undeniably cute
C is for Cuddles, hugs and kisses
K is for Ketchup for the fries that you'll eat
E is for Extra special to Mommy
R is for Ready to eat/sleep/play/etc.
Tucker, Tucker, Tucker is your name

Yeah, I know.... LOL! :)

Surely I cannot be the only corny mommy out there! Please affirm my Mommy-ness and tell me there's other corny mommies out there! :)


Kristin said...

I'm with ya, girl. I have a song about stinky toes. :)

Jeanne said...

lol! I am not brave enough to post those! We like to rhyme....lots of things rhyme with Mark! Bernie and I usually take turns and each have a line. Its pretty bad! But Daddy's are corny too!

Angie Wilson said...

Yeah girl I sing all kinds of songs to Jaxon. My favorite is
I Love Jaxon
I Love Jaxon! (Repeat!)