Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2 Months Old

2 months! Oh my gosh! Why is it that it feels like decades ago that I was pregnant, but there's no way it feels like Tucker should already be 2 months old??!! Already I think, "Where did my little baby go?" He has gotten SO big! He weighs in at 11 pounds, 14 1/2 ounces (50th%) and is 25 1/2 inches long ("higher than 97th%" -- that's what the doctor said, not sure if the chart doesn't go higher than 97% or what...). Obviously, he is on his way to being long and lean like Daddy! But, don't mistake "lean" for skinny! No doubt about it, my Tucker Bug has some chunky monkey in him that I just want to squeeze and kiss every time I change his clothes! (see pic) Speaking of clothes, he is wearing 3-6 months now, mainly because of his length. He has some 0-3 month pants that he was never able to wear because he out grew them length-wise before they fit him in the waist.... Tucker may have some of the difficulties Daddy has shopping one day....

It still amazes me how this little guy has come into our lives and stole our hearts! I told Wes the other day that I would kill for Tucker without thinking twice about it. I would literally de-eyeball someone with my bare hands in about 2.5 seconds if they tried to hurt my baby, and I have complete confidence that I could do it too. I. Am. Serious.

Tucker is the center of our universe. As a matter a fact, he is our universe, one that only 2 months ago we didn't know existed. I loved Tucker from the moment I knew he was inside of me and that love grew over the 9 1/2 months I was pregnant with him, but never did I know it would grow into this!

Dear Tucker Bug,

I cannot get over how big you are! No longer do I look at you and see a newborn baby.... Everyone that we meet thinks you are older than you really are. It's because of how long you are, just like your Daddy! And, you continue to look just like your Daddy too! Every feature you have is your Daddy's. We have even compared the lines on your palms, and guess what? They match your Daddy's! We had your 6 week pictures done and some Christmas pictures and when I saw them, I could not believe just how much you looked like Daddy! I admit, at first Mommy was slightly disappointed that you did not look like her, but there isn't a better looking guy for you to look like than your Daddy! :)

Not only are you getting bigger, but you are changing and developing too! We think that you are going to be right handed because that's the first hand in your mouth, to swing at your toys, and to try to push your paci back in your mouth.

You smile all the time! You are such a happy boy! Your smile absolutely melts my heart! I.Love.It!!!! And so does your Daddy! You don't stop at just smiling, you literally crack up. It is the cutest thing! Usually you're laughing at Mommy or Daddy, but sometimes you smile at the ceiling fan or your friends, such as the bears on your swing mobile or the mobile that hangs above your crib or your friends that Mommy sets up around your blanket when we do tummy time. I think you have little inside jokes with those friends....probably something about how silly your Mommy and Daddy are!

Speaking of your crib, you are not sleeping in it yet, only for the occasional nap. You are still in your bassinet beside our bed. And that's okay by us. We like you close. You are sleeping through the night, usually 7 - 8 hours at a time. You're like your Mommy, a night owl who likes to sleep in! That's because you usually aren't asleep for the night until about 11 pm, then you get up around 6 - 7 am for a quick snack and then sleep until about 10 am at which point you're ready for the day. That schedule works perfect for Mommy! :)

You are so observant! You like to just look around and watch the world around you, taking it all in. Of course it's because you are so smart and you are learning about everything around you! You love for Mommy to walk you around the house and tell you about things, like the pretty boy in the mirror that your Mommy is always holding. He must be a funny boy because you always laugh at him! Or the birds outside the window and the pictures around our home of all the people who love you.

Another thing you love is bath time. I love bath time too! We play and splash and talk about what we did that day. A very special time! You also love your swing and have recently really started to love your paci. Good or bad, Mommy's not sure. It happened when you weren't feeling good and Mommy gave it to you a lot for a couple days. Now, you're hooked!

Since last month you have started tolerating tummy time much better. Still not your most favorite activity, but you're doing better! You would much rather prefer to spend tummy time on Mommy's tummy! And you do spend a lot of time there because Mommy loves holding you and rocking you while you sleep...

You are OBSESSED with the TV in the basement! Okay, so the TV is huge and it hangs up on the wall, making it an easy target for an obsession, but when Mommy's trying to talk and laugh with you, you twist yourself around to see that TV, ignoring Mommy! Can you at least pretend to be interested in what Mommy is saying!

Your favorite cd is the one with the rainforest music. Your favorite books are "I Am a Bunny" and "Me and My Daddy." Your favorite songs are our wake up song and you still like "You Are My Sunshine" when Mommy's rocking you to sleep.

Tucker, you will never ever realize how very, very, VERY much your Daddy and I love you! You are truly our world and that world is wonderful!!! :) Thank you for showing me how complete and wonderful life can be! I thought I was happy before you, when it was just your Daddy and I, but I had no idea I could be THIS happy!

Mommy loves you, Bubby!


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Mama Perks said...

The best part is...it just keeps getting better with every month!!!