Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sisterly Love!

Okay, do people Mommies and Daddies feel this way, or just dog Mommies and Daddies?

Whenever Baby and Lacy (our adorable boxer sisters!) lay beside each other, share a toy, or cuddle in any fashion (even when they are not intending to cuddle), Wes and I get excited. We have a simultaneous "Aahhh" and reach for the camera! It's just so cute and we love that they love each other! I think mainly because we were really worried how having a little sister was going to affect Baby. Baby was 7 1/2 years old when we adopted Lacy at about a year old. We were very careful in introducing Lacy to the family, allowing Baby to take her time in accepting Lacy. We were sure to buy a new food and water dish, new toys, and a new crate so Baby wouldn't feel that Lacy was coming in and "taking over" her stuff.

When I first brought Lacy home, Baby was excited. They played and played for the whole weekend. However, by Sunday, Baby was making it obvious that she was ready for Lacy to go "home." She stopped playing with her and would take her toys from her when Lacy started to play with one that wasn't one of the new ones. If Lacy laid down near Baby, Baby would just stare at her. If one of Lacy's legs slipped and ended up touching Baby, she would growl and get up to move away. When they rode in the car, Baby would stay all smashed up against the car door as far away from Lacy as possible. Lacy in the meantime, would be spread across the back seat. Wes and I were somewhat worried. This behavior lasted approximately two weeks. We talked to Baby and told her that we didn't get to pick our siblings either and that Lacy was staying. Finally, Baby accepted that Lacy wasn't going anywhere.

So, with all that said, you can understand why we love to see them cuddle. They both love each other now. Of course, Lacy loved Baby right from the start! She has always tried to cuddle with her, kiss on her, and just loves being where ever she is. It took Baby a little time, but she loves her little sister too!

This picture is from Saturday. Lacy was laying on the couch with her head in my lap. Baby decided she wanted to lay her head in Mommy's lap too and climbed right up beside Lacy. Wes reached for the camera when they both fell asleep like this. Aren't my babies cute!?!
Trust me, they are! It's really cute how Lacy has developed the same personality as Baby. She copies what Baby does. If Baby starts whining because she wants out or she wants fed or something, Lacy starts whining too, and I swear she doesn't even know why she's whining. She just trusts that Baby wants something and if it's something that Baby wants, she MUST want it too! :)

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