Monday, January 19, 2009

Second sign I might be losing my sanity...

This past weekend was my sister's baby shower. She was showered with lots of gifts and love! Afterwards, I went home with her and spent all day yesterday helping her put things away, wash clothes, get things she still needed, and get the nursery all ready for the baby (who will definitely be here by February 25th at the latest!).

After about 13 hours, we were done! Unfortunately, it was about 11:00 pm by that time. As you know, we got quite a bit of snow over the course of the night. I was really looking forward to having today off work, sleeping in my own bed, getting up late, and having day to get stuff done. So, against the advice of Holli, Mikie, and Wes, I decided to head out and brave the snow. If the roads were too bad, I would turn around and return to Holli's. I made it out of her subdivision just fine, and the main road that led into Springfield wasn't bad. However, as I drove from Springfield to the Bluegrass Pkwy, the road became less visible and more covered in all that white stuff. I drove VERY slow so that if I did wreck, I wouldn't hit hard and it wouldn't hurt as much (it's amazing what we can convince ourselves)! I told myself if I could just get to the BG, it wouldn't be so bad. There were moments I used the guard rails as a guide because I couldn't see the road, and the snow was coming down so hard, I could see better without my high beams. At one point I decided I would park my car at a Park & Ride near the BG and call Mikie to come get me in his truck. However, once I made it to the BG, I decided the worse part was behind me and I didn't want to have Mikie drive through that. So, I decided to keep going. The BG really wasn't much better. I inched my way to the Lawrenceburg exit VERY, VERY slowly. From there, I went through Lawrenceburg, to Frankfort, to I-64, and finally to Shelbyville. Along the way, Wes called me very worried, and I convinced him the roads weren't really that bad, and I was ok. However, I cannot count the times I said outloud, "Tiffany, you are crazy! What are you thinking?!" I just prayed the whole way home that God would protect me. Thankfully, He did, and after 2 hours (normally the trip takes 1 hour), I made it safely home! However, that was the most stressful 2 hours I've ever had! And, if I had to do it all over again, I would have stayed at Holli's!
Anyway, here are some pictures of Holli's nursery. Isn't it beautiful! :) The crib, dresser and changing table were all originally a pine colored wood. We distressed the dresser and changing table in a cream, and Holli and Mikie painted the crib black (done previously, not yesterday). The bedding is a beautiful black and cream toille trimmed in a black and cream gingham. The diaper bag and window treatment match the bedding. We wrapped the shelf on the changing table in a gingham material and made a runner for the dresser to match. Holli has a toille changing pad cover coming and is still searching for the perfect rug. Also, she has a beautiful black and crystal chandelier picked out that will tie it all together. Makes me look forward to my own nursery, one day! ;)


Anonymous said...

adorable room! I think you guys worked hard!
Great job!

Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

Beautiful nursery! I love the black and white toile. And way to go on distressing the furniture. Looks good.

Love ya,