Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Setting Sail??

It's that time of year! Time when the cold seems to get colder, the work days longer and more stressful, the holidays have come and gone, and Christmas break was just a tease. That time of year when we start fantasizing about summer vacations! Yay! It started when I came home yesterday and confessed to Wes that I was longing to go on another cruise. Now, we're both excited about the upcoming possibility and every time I get online, I'm tempted to look up relaxing, get-away destinations. I have to constantly redirect my focus to my work. We haven't been on a cruise since our honeymoon, almost 5 years ago! This picture is when we were getting off the ship in St. Thomas. Its cold days like this that I long to be back there!
For now, I'll have to be content with keeping warm by sitting by my fireplace and looking at pictures! ("For now!") :)


katie said...

a cruise sounds so so nice about right now...just take me anywhere with a beach and warm sunshine!

Anonymous said...

just looking at your picture made me feel warm...and wanting to be there!

You guys look the same! pretty good after almost 5 years!!