Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year 2009

Happy New Year (a couple days late!)!!! They say the way you celebrate bringing in the new year is a sign of the way the rest of the year will be. Well, if thats true, I welcome 2009! I celebrated the new year with friends that I feel truly blessed to have in my life. We had a great time, lots of laughs, great games, and a little Rock Band to top it all off. Seeing as how the girls were victorious, I can't help but assume that the women are going to rule in 2009, sorry guys!!! :)

To top it all off, as the ball dropped, I kissed the hottest guy in the world! Thats enough reason alone for me to look forward to the upcoming year!

So, in closing, I'll give ya a couple of my resolutions so you all can keep me accountable:

1. I resolve to put God first in all I do, in hope that others will see Christ in me.
2. I resolve to get up on time more often! (Lord, please help me with this one!)
3. I resolve to leave 10 minutes before I HAVE to leave to be somewhere so I'm not so rushed. (Need help with this one too!)
4. I resolve to TRY to not stress over having a clean house!
5. I resolve to stick to my "read the bible in a year" bible study.
6. I resolve to cook dinner for my husband at least twice a week (he usually cooks almost every night!)

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Anonymous said...

I am so sad we missed it! cute pics!