Friday, January 9, 2009

my sistas :)

As I've said before, I love my family. Well, I have 2 sisters, Bridgette and Holli, who are my absolute best friends in the whole world (aside from Wes, of course!). We are each two years apart, so that makes 2 years between me and Bridge and 4 years between me and Holli. We've been through so much together! When we were younger, it was always me and Bridgette. Holli was the bratty (BRATTY!!!!) little sister who always told on us when we tried to get away with anything. For example, when we were 15-17, a Friday conversation probably went like this:

Me: "Bye Mom & Dad! We'll be back by curfew!"
Mom or Dad: "Hold on, where are you all going?"
Me or Bridge: "We're just gonna ride around town."
Holli (in a very BRATTY voice): "Nu uh!!! They're going to see some boys! I heard them on the phone!" :)

But, as we got older, Holli became just as close to us. However, I can't help but still think of her as my baby sister. And, considering there are 9 years between her and the oldest of our two brothers, she always had the "youngest child, baby-of-the-family" syndrome. Believe me, she'd admit to it!
Now, my "baby sister" is going to be a mommy! I still can't believe it! She's having a sweet, little daughter of her own! And she is the most beautiful pregnant women ever! She will be such a good mommy. Afterall, she learned from the BEST -- Bridgette. Bridge has three BEAUTIFUL children (see pic on left), Joshua (6 years in April), O'mauri (4 years in February), and Makenzie (2 years in March). Bridgette is AMAZING! She is so one of the strongest people I know, definately one of my heros. I look up to her and love her more than she will ever know!
Anyway, a few weeks ago I took some "belly shots" of Holli & Mikie (daddy-to-be). Here are a few of my master pieces:

"Every good and perfect gift is from above." James 1:17

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