Monday, September 12, 2011

22 Months

Tucker will be 23 months in a few days (WHAT?!).... 

But I have his 22 month "fun fact list" saved in the Notes App of my phone, where it has been since a few days before he turned 22 months....  As I read back over it today, I realized that I cannot just skip it, there are too many cute things that make me smile and that I want to remember about my Tucker Bug at 22 months.

1.  You are a little under 26 pounds and wear a 7 1/2 - 8 size shoe.
2.  When it's time to clean up, you sing the Clean Up Song. 
3.  You ask where something is ALL THE TIME.  You will say, "At?" over and over and over again.  No answer is ever good enough.
4.  You saw your first movie, Winnie the Pooh. 
5.  You are sleeping in your big boy bed and have been since day one.  Knock on wood, we have not had any issues (though you have fallen out twice...ooops!).  You have also not yet gotten out of your bed on your own from a nap or night-night.  Through the day, you get in and out while playing, but you know when your sound machine is on that you are to not get out.  When Daddy or I come in your room after you wake up, you will tell us, "Turn it off" indicating for us to turn your sound machine off so you can climb out of bed.
6.  You typically pee in the potty once a day.
7.  You always ask for a treat afterwards.
8.  You usually pick out cereal for your night-night snack.
9.  You will ask if something is "ours" so you can touch it.  This comes from times when we are out and you want something or want to touch something and we tell you that you can't because it's not ours.  For example, when we go on walks, you will say, "I wanna touch it" about every truck we walk pass.  I will tell you, "We can't touch that truck, it's not ours."  So, when we walk pass another truck, you will say, "Mommy, red truck ours?" 
10.  You refer to yourself as "Tucker Bug". 
11.  You always want the orange stars from your night-night turtle.
12.  You will always ask someone if they want what you want.  For example, if I say, "Tucker, do you want some pretzel sticks (or whatever)?"  You will ask Daddy, "Daddy, want pretzel sticks?" And you will have your head cocked to the side when you do.  It's so cute and shows how much you care about others :)
13.  We hear "do myself!" ALL THE TIME!  You are so independent!
14.  You have started to say "thanks" instead of "thank you".  It makes you sound so grown up!
15.  When you're going to do something mischievous, you will smile and say, "I stinker butt!"
16.  You always pick out a purple vitamin.
17.  You are into Big vs. Little.  If you have more than one of something that is two different sizes, you will always point out which is the big one and which is the little one. 
18.  You cut your top two 2-year old molars.
19.  If you hear someone pass gas, you ask them if they have to poop.
20.  If you hear someone say, "Owe!" you always ask if they are okay in a very concerned voice.  You are so caring :)
21.  Daddy taught you to say "Blue and White!" if you are asked what your favorite color is.  (But you leave out "and" and just say "Blue White!" :))
22.  You are truly Daddy and I's world!  (A spot that for only a short time longer you can claim as all your own....)  We love you to the moon and back times infinity, Tucker Bug!  Our hearts are overwhelmed with love for you!  Everything about you is absolutely perfect!

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