Saturday, September 17, 2011

38 Weeks and 2 days

That's where we are. 

I found this representation of how big Gracie should be now at that gestational age:

The What to Expect App on my phone says she should weigh about 7 pounds.

Well, Gracie has been measuring big recently.  At my 37 week appointment (which was the day before I actually turned 37 weeks), my doctor scheduled an ultra sound to get a better gauge on her size.  At that point, she was estimated by the U/S tech to weigh approximately 8 pounds, 14 ounces (though she pointed out this could vary by a pound in either direction)! 

At my 38 week appointment, my uterus was measuring 44 centimeters!  What the big deal about that?  Well, the number of centimeters you measure should be consistent with the number of weeks you are.  That means I'm measuring 6 centimeters bigger than I should be....   (And, yes, I passed the glucose test with flying colors.)

At that appointment, my doctor offered to induce me.  I declined.  I'm barely dilated at 1 cm.  My body and my baby are just not ready yet (even if she's the size of a 3 month old right now!).  I was induced with Tucker due to high blood pressure at 38 weeks.  It was a very difficult labor, on both of us.  My goal this time has been to avoid induction if at all possible.  My doctor shared risks associated with having a big baby.  Though she also expressed that she didn't feel I was at the point where I HAD to go in that direction just yet.  She said it was up to me.

I hear about women giving birth to 10+ pounders all the time, without complication.  I also hear lots of stories of women who were told they were having 10 pound babies and birth 7-pounders. 

I have prayed about it and feel peace with my decision to not be induced last week.  I'm really hoping that Gracie makes her debut soon because at my 39 week appointment, if she has continued to grow at the same rate, induction may be the best route to go....

On another note, what's your thoughts on whether Gracie's going to look like her big brother or not?

Here is a glimpse of Gracie at 34 weeks:

And Tucker at 35 weeks:

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Jeanne said...

WOW! They do look a lot alike so far! Great pics!!! Don't Worry--Dr. Walsh is the best! Your gonna drive yourself crazy worrying about her size. She will pop out with no problem and you will be home before you know it! I had the optional 39 wk induction and it went fine. Hopefully that will be the same with you! love ya!