Monday, September 19, 2011

Potty Days

This is not an unusual siting thing around these parts:

Fortunately, the owner of the abandoned diaper can usually be found here:

Tucker is doing really well with peeing and pooping on the potty!  Right now, we're just making it fun, not really pressing the issue.  We ask him throughout the day if he wants to go potty.  Sometimes we get a "No thank you" and other times we get, "Yes!"  Then there are times he initiates it himself by either telling us he has to go potty or tearing his diaper off and running to the bathroom.  If I have the patience and attention span to let him keep his diaper off, he will actually go potty several times. 

When he does go, he gets stickers (1 sticker for going pee pee, and 3 stickers for going poopy) for his Potty Chart.  After 6 stickers, he gets a prize (a small match car, his favorite thing!).  He has really taken to the Potty Chart and is quite proud of it! 
 *Please don't make fun of my lack of creativity regarding the Potty Chart!  I really do not have a hidden teacher inside of me and the only creativity bone in my body is probably found in my pinky finger...  Hey, it works lol!
He goes back and forth on how frequently he wants to use the potty.  Three days ago, he earned 8 stickers in one day!  Then, yesterday and Saturday he didn't want to use the potty at all. 

We're still proud of our almost-two-year-old (gulp!)!!!


The Nix Fam said...

okay, we need a phone date soon b/c Jman is showing the beginning signs of being ready...crazy, right?! lovin' the chart! praying for you and sweet Gracie

Katie said...

yay TuckerBug!!!!