Thursday, September 16, 2010

Story Time!

One of the gazillion perks to working 2 or 3 day weeks is that I get to take Tucker to story time at the local library! Today was his first time going. (I didn't get too many pics because I didn't want to take pictures of other babies without parent permission...)

Tucker took it all in....We read books, sang songs, and played with toys. Tucker was such a good boy, sitting in my lap and listening to the teacher read. However, I think he enjoyed rummaging through the toy bucket at the end the most.And it made it lots more fun that one of his BFF's Makenly was there too! (Tucker and her go way back....I've got to make up for some missing posts on Tucker & Makenly!)Of course, what trip to the library is complete without putting together some puzzles.
Can you believe that Tucker does not have a single puzzle? And I'm in the education field! So, on the way home, we stopped and got Tucker his own puzzle!
(This is the only picture I could get because naturally he played with it all of 30 seconds before moving onto something else!)

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Stover's site said...

How fun! Glad you are enjoying part time status. Is taht the same story time Jonathan is in? His babysitter takes him on Thursdays.