Friday, September 24, 2010

11 Months (HUGE tear!)

Yes, that's right, the thought that my baby is so close to being a toddler brings tears to my eyes! How can it be that Tucker is 11 months old....... I think the reason time goes by so fast is because I'm constantly chasing Tucker around everywhere! Like I said in a previous post, he is into EVERYTHING! But, that's also a good thing. He is so independent at this age. As long as everything's baby proof, I can do what I need to do like clean the kitchen after lunch, unload the dishwasher, put some laundry in, etc. and Tucker will follow me from room to room helping me with the chores....and getting into whatever he can....
"Hmmm, can I eat this?"
He's so good at entertaining himself. Of course, he still gets PLENTY of play time from Mommy and Daddy!

Well, this month's photo shoot didn't go as well as months past. Tucker just wouldn't sit still long enough (imagine that!).Gotta love Tucker's various expressions!

And then he was off!

And this picture shows what happens when you try to get into everything and crawl on, over, under everything..... Notice the little mark above Tucker's right eyebrow....

Tucker Bug,

Where do I start! You are definitely no longer a baby! Hello toddler hood!

Okay, I'll start with some stats first since we actually know them this month because we had your follow up appointment from your ear infections (which are 100% better!). You are 20 pounds, 4.5 ounces and 32 or 32 1/2 inches long (I can't remember which). Definitely a big boy! And you sure think you're big too! You try to do everything Mommy and Daddy do. You want to help with everything, the laundry, the dishwasher, putting the toys away, closing the garage door, turning out the lights, feeding the dogs....

Speaking of the dogs, you LOVE your doggies! You are constantly chasing them around the kitchen table, attacking them while they're sleeping, giving them kisses. There are days when Mommy thinks two dogs is at least one too many, but then I see moments like this:

and I know that they're worth it (maybe!). Well, until you feed them from your high chair. They sit patiently under your chair and, sure enough, within minutes you're dropping food to them. We have to keep the dogs out of kitchen because you would rather feed the dogs than yourself!

Which brings us to the topic of eating. You eat pretty much anything, but how much of it you eat varies from day to day. One day you'll eat almost a whole avocado, the next day one bite and you're done with it. One day you'll eat an adult sized serving of broccoli, the next day three bites is enough. One day you would eat an entire cantelope if I let you, the get the picture! One place that you will eat and eat and EAT is Qdoba! You LOVE Qdoba! You order the naked burrito with rice, black beans, corn salsa, a little cheese, and a side of applesauce. And, just so your naked burrito has some green, Mommy always brings peas to add to it :)

You LOVE to climb over, under, and on things. Whether it's the dogs, your toys, Mommy or Daddy, the kitchen chairs, the dishwasher... You look for things to climb on. And you like to push things too, like your high chair and the kitchen chairs. It's not at all unusual for the kitchen chairs to be spread all over the kitchen from you pushing them around! Oh, and the stairs! We can absolutely not carry you up the stairs. You practically throw yourself out of our arms because you want to climb them yourself! You get close to the top and realize you don't want to get off the stairs so you start going down a few, up a few, down a few, up a few..... Of course Daddy or I walk behind you to make sure you're safe and you look back at us every so often and crack up laughing!

You use things for their intended purpose. You brush your hair with your brush, you brush your teeth with your toothbrush, you hold the phone to your ear, you try to put sunglasses on your face. You're such a smart, smart boy! You even point to your hair when you're asked, "Tucker, where is your hair?" You've pointed to your nose a few times, we're still working on that and other body parts.

You love to give kisses. You kiss Daddy and Mommy, you kiss the dogs, you always kiss your stuff animals, you kiss your reflection in the dishwasher, you kiss the bunny in your "I Am a Bunny" book.... You're SO sweet!

When Mommy's at work you stay with Aunt Jody and Jayden. (Oh, and you give Jayden kisses too!) When I pick you up in the afternoons, you get to me as fast as you can, give me a kiss and a big hug, then immediately have to show me something! It's the cutest thing. You point to something or get a toy. It's like you're showing me what you've been doing while I've been at work. I am SO thankful that it's only a couple days a week that I don't know for myself what you 've been doing all day. Working part time and being home with you more is an answer to prayer and I cherish every minute I have with you! You are such a happy, happy boy! And this face....and this face.....and this face....

is what makes Mommy more happier than I could ever put into words!

Mommy and Daddy love you more than you will ever understand, Tucker Bug!

Happy 11 months, baby!




Jeanne said...

Such a sweet boy! I love all his expressions! I do remember Mark being at that stage. Sigh.....seems like a million years ago! We have been in so many stages between then and now. I remember it being a very challenging and fun exploring stage. It looks like your enjoying every minute! I think you will keep loving each and every stage! It's so fun to watch them learn stuff! No doubt Tucker is a smart little cookie!

melissaballard said...

He is just getting so big! And more precious by the day! It's really been fun watching him grow and change. I know it seems sad watching him move from babyhood into the toddler years, but let me tell you, it gets better with every stage I think! They get easier and easier, and more and more entertaining. It's also so much fun to watch thier little personalities develop. Just keep enjoying the ride...!