Sunday, September 26, 2010

Friday Night Lights

Well folks, we're knee deep in the football season! And around here, football season is taken very seriously. Friday nights are spent in the stands cheering on the Henry County Wildcats! That's because my 'little' brothers, Luke and Nick, are key players for the Wildcats. Luke is a senior and has been the starting QB for Henry County since his sophomore year. Nick is a sophomore this year and plays on the defensive line and kick-off team. We are very proud of them!
Tucker has really taken to the thrill of the game too! He claps and screams when the other fans clap and scream. It's so funny, like he really knows what he's cheering for! Here are a few pics from the past few weeks of Tucker enjoying the game!
Last Friday was a HUGE win for HC (a Class 3A school). We beat Anderson County (a Class 5A school) 45 to 42. Luke had an AMAZING game, throwing for over 400 yards (416 to be exact) with averaging 22 yards per completion, three touchdown passes, ran for 104 yards, and ran in 4 touchdowns! Even Anderson County's newspaper was calling Luke "one of Kentucky's best" the next day! Both Luke and Nick, along with the entire HC football team, school, and fans were excited about that win. Well, all except for Tucker Bug! He made it to about the 3rd quarter and just couldn't stay awake to finish the game. Which means Mommy held him for the remainder of the game. And he's such a trooper, my jumping up and down and screaming never phased him! (And let me tell you, holding a 20 1/2 pounder for that long sure helps tone those biceps!)
Even though he was sleeping peacefully, he managed to get a picture with Uncle Luke and Uncle Nick!(Typically my brothers don't smile in "football pictures" but Luke couldn't help but smile after the performance he gave! Nick on the other hand, well he held true to the no-smile rule lol!)

Looking at the pictures above you can see why I use the term "little brothers" very loosely!


Jeanne said...

Way to GO lil' Brothers!!!! I love HS football!!!! I don't really have a team to cheer for now,so might as well be your bros!!! Love it!

melissaballard said...

Yay Luke and Nick! I don't know them but I'm proud of them! I'm with Jeanne...LOVE HS football!

Stover's site said...

so fun! billy said Joker philips needs to be calling your brother! :-)