Monday, September 21, 2009

35 Weeks and Just the FACTS

Well, at 35 weeks, I feel like I've hit a wall... I really hate to complain because I feel like my pregnancy has been pretty easy so far. Pretty much, what one of my doctors called a "boring pregnancy" and went on to explain that's a good thing. So, I won't complain... What I will do is just state the facts.

First, I have had some swelling. Nothing the doctors are concerned about. My blood pressure has been normal. It's just from being on my feet so much and not being very good about keeping them up when I'm home (as I said before, I'm not good at just "taking it easy").
Apart from the fact that the "ankle thieves" have stolen my ankles and left me with something that more so resembles "cankles", my hands and wrists have also began to swell. Okay "began to swell" is not the right term. They're SWOLLEN! On top of that, I feel I have lost my last shed of dignity (as Rach put it). I am no longer wearing my engagement and wedding rings.... While I can still get them on in the morning (before the swelling takes effect each day) and off at night (after I've relaxed enough and the swelling subsides somewhat), my fingers are so swollen through the day that I'm afraid if they didn't go back down, there may be a situation that would involve having to get them cut off (the rings, not my fingers!).

Not being able to wear my rings have been really hard. Not only the fact that they are a constant reminder of my love for Wes and the commitment we made to each other over 5 years ago, but on my finger where they belong they also said, "Look, I may be several pounds heavier than I want to be, retaining water like a wet towel, and carrying around what I'm beginning to think may be a 10 pound baby, but I can still wear my wedding rings!" Nope, not anymore!

The next "fact" is that I've developed pregnancy carpel tunnel syndrome from the swelling in my wrists. This is VERY painful! Especially at night. I am now sleeping with braces on my wrists to keep my wrists from bending which makes it more painful. The braces have made a huge difference. Before them, I would wake up in the middle of the night in tears from the pain. Poor Wes, he felt so bad that there was nothing he was able to do to relieve the pain. Again, I am very thankful for the braces.

Obviously, I'm getting very little sleep these days, which makes the exhaustion I feel at the end of the work day two-fold.

I normally would NOT post such an unflattering picture of myself; however, I feel that it pretty accurately portrays exactly how I feel at 35 weeks pregnant. Wes took this picture after I fell asleep on the couch following dinner. As you can see, I'm trying to keep my feet elevated to relieve some of the swelling, while still sleeping on my side and not my back. I also have on my braces to relieve the pain in my wrists. Obviously I'm exhausted or I wouldn't be sleeping at 7:00 in the evening.

AND, I still have 5 weeks left!!! Now, I definitely want Tucker to "bake" as long as possible. I'm not rushing him to get here by any means! I would put up with carpel tunnel pain and the associated sleepless nights, and whatever else was necessary to make sure my baby remained healthy, that's for sure!
Just the facts. Just stating the facts.


Mama Perks said...

Tiff! Hang in there girl. I KNOW how hard the last 6 weeks are-believe me girl-but just keep thinking about little Tucker and how soon enough he'll be in your arms. Henry is sitting on my lap as I type this...soon enough you'll be in my shoes with a beautiful baby boy-and you'll forget all about the sleepless nights and swollen feet. PROMISE.

Stover's site said...

Oh Tiff - so sorry. I'm sure this humidity isn't helping the swelling. I hope you get some relief!!! Love you bunches - wish there was something I could do to help you!