Friday, September 4, 2009

"What happened to your belly?"

When you work with young kiddos and you're pregnant and evidently old, it's inevitable that you're going to have some funny stories to tell. Today, after spending an hour in a first grade classroom, I came out with a few funny stories, but I'll share one of them with you all to give you a laugh this Friday evening.

Here's a play-by-play conversation with 2 six year olds as they worked on a math assignment and I sat close by observing a little girl who was a classmate of their's.

Boy #1: Did you do this math when you were in school?
Me: Yes, I did. That was a long time ago though.
Boy #2: Yeah, that was in the olden days, uh?
Me: I guess it was. (How do you explain to a 6-year-old that NO, I am ONLY 29 years old, so I wasn't around in the "olden days!")
Boy #1: What happened to your belly?
Me: I have a baby in there (pointing to my belly).
Boy #2: My mommy had a baby in her belly!
Me: She did?
Boy #2: Yup! And she had to get her belly cut off to get it out. (Said very matter-a-factly.)
Me: (Thinking, 'Oh no, where's this gonna go!') She did?
Boy #2: Yeah, you might have to have your belly cut off too. Well, it could come out the other way. {He briefly paused and looked at me as though wondering if he should say what came next.} I know what the other way is too. (He squished his nose up.) It's kinda gross! Do you want me to tell you?
Me: Who told you about the other way?
Boy #2: My Mommy!
Boy #1: Well, my Mommy had to have a toilet plunger get her baby out!
Me: Oh look {student's name}, you skipped one of your problems. What is 5+2? (Yes, I changed the subject!)

I LOVE the un-inhibited comments that come out of the mouths of children that age! I could tell you story after story about what kids have shared with me during our one-on-one time together that their parents would be absolutely mortified over! You would be surprised at what little ones see when you think they're not looking, hear when you think they're not paying any attention, and even more surprised at how they interpret those things! I'm sure Tucker will give his teachers and other adults in his life some laughs when he talks about his Mommy and Daddy. Hopefully, those individuals will just keep those things to themselves and save me the embarrassment! :)

Happy Friday!!!!


Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

hahahahahaha. This is the stuff that good comedies are made of, Tiff. I can just imagine that conversation. Too cute. Can't wait for your shower in a couple of weeks:).

Wendy Chesser said...

I love working with kids for this very reason. My favorite are the kids at church. Then I tell their parents I have all kinds of dirt on them and know all about their family secrets!