Monday, September 21, 2009

Shelbyville Shower

Yesterday some amazing friends here in Shelbyville, Melissa, Jeanne & Rachel, had a shower for me and Tucker! They did such a great job! We had so much fun! Everything from the invitations, to the delicious food, to the fun game, to the time spent with great friends was absolutely perfect! Wes and I feel so blessed to have such great friends and feel even more blessed that Tucker will have so many little guys to grow up with!

Rach, Me, Melissa, & Jeanne
I had planned on getting a group photo of everyone there, because all of you are so, so important to me and mean so much to me, Wes, and Tucker; however, I got carried away in all the festivities and forgot... :(

Here are a couple of only the few pictures I did manage to get:
Jeanne's fabulous diaper cake! :)

Me and my sisters, Holli and Bridgette, and of course, my niece Makenzie.

Amy and I are only about 2 weeks apart. (I know, I know, I look months ahead of her....) Of course, Tucker gets dibs on Avery since their birthdays will be so close together! :)

Thank you to everyone for not only the very generous gifts, but for your love and support as Wes and I jump head first into the journey of parenthood! :) We love you all!!!!


Anonymous said...

Tiff! I had so much fun on Sunday! I'm really glad you had a good time, and baby Tucker got so many nice things!! LOVE YOU! Melissa

Mommy Webb said...

It was a lovely shower - a reflection of all of the people who love you and Wes and Baby Tucker. You got so many sweet and personal things, which is always fun. But you also got those trusty practical gifts that you need. A perfect combo:). XO.