Sunday, September 6, 2009

32 Weeks...

6 Random Things I know about Tucker at 32-weeks gestation:

* He's a bit of a night owl. Almost every night, only minutes after Daddy and I tell him goodnight, he begins his kick-boxing routine, full of jabs, upper cuts, elbow blows, and high kicks!

* He LOVES music. Whether it's the praise band at church or some background music Daddy plays while we work on his nursery, Tucker wakes up and does his own version of "So You Think You Can Dance" in Mommy's belly.

* He is a good eater! I don't think I've ever been more hungry more times through out the day than I have over the past 32 weeks! Of course, that has to be because Tucker is a big eater, right?!

* He's bound to be an athlete! I mean, with the muscles that are behind his kicks and punches, he'll definitely make a good basketball, football, baseball, and/or soccer player!

* He's not easily startled. My prego books have said that I may feel the baby startle at a sudden, loud noise, such as a dog barking or if I drop something. I have yet to feel Tucker startle. He must be used to Baby and Lacy barking, which is a very good thing! Mommy will be very upset when Tucker is only days old and finally asleep and the girls decide there is an imaginary stranger outside that they have to scare away!

* He LOVES his Daddy! Tucker perks up at the sound of Daddy's voice! When Daddy talks to him, he stops and listens. When Daddy stops talking, he'll move around within a couple minutes, wanting Daddy to keep talking. Tucker and Daddy also share a special time together in the mornings, right before Daddy gets up for work. While Mommy is still sleeping, Tucker wakes up and starts to move around. Daddy puts his hand on Mommy's belly and feels Tucker moving around.

6 Random Things I know about myself as a 32-week pregnant mommy-to-be:

* Previously simple tasks are now quite a chore. Things like cleaning the house that used to be done in half a day now take several days. Other things are almost impossible, like picking up dropped soap in the shower, putting lotion on my legs with a basketball-sized belly (or, as Wes referred to it the other day, a beach-ball sized belly -- thanks Hon!) in the way, walking up a few flights of stairs, getting in and out of my car.... The list could go on and on!

* I know where all the closest restrooms are at the malls, stores, restaurants, and other areas I frequent.

* I still love being pregnant and the best part is feeling my sweet baby inside of me!

* I'm not good at just "relaxing and putting my feet up." I would not be a very good patient if I had to go on bedrest for some reason. (Lord, PLEASE don't allow that to happen!)

* I think I'm starting to get that "nesting" feeling. I have sudden urges that things need to be done IMMEDIATELY! Luckily, I have a very patient and understanding husband!

* I love Wes more now than ever before!!! And, I am head over hills in love with my son!!!


Marsh Family said...

32 weeks is when I had Sarah Kate! Seems like forever ago. Enjoy every singe second. It won't be long before Tucker is here!!

Angie Wilson said...

My first was like that, she would kick all around and as soon as my DH would say her name she would stop, as if to pay full attention to what he was saying! It was amazing!

I love to be pregnant too, if I could I would stay that way, well at least until the end when both mom and babe are uncomfortable!