Monday, September 28, 2009

Daddy's lips and nose!

Today Wes and I had another doctor's appointment. This one was a little different... Following our appointment last week, the doctor thought Tucker was measuring a little big. So, she ordered an ultrasound to get an estimated fetal weight. Turns out, Tucker is right on target with his weight. However, I have some extra amniotic fluid which is making my belly measure a little big. There are no concerns with the extra fluid since all my lab work came back normal and Tucker's looking great. It's something that they'll continue to monitor and could possibly cause some early contractions. My doctor is also not worried about any potential contractions since Tucker is at the point that he would do great outside Mommy's belly. (Though, that means we're probably definitely looking at 4 1/2 weeks or less until we get to hold Tucker in our arms!)

Since everything is looking great, the appointment was extra special in that we got to see Tucker again. We haven't seen him since our only other ultrasound, at 19 weeks. This time, there was much more to see! Tucker was wide awake, with big eyes looking directly at the ultrasound wand! He was kicking, practicing sucking movements, and making kissing faces! He is SO CUTE!!! I have to say, I think that I have the cutest baby ever growing inside of me! (Yes, I know, I'm somewhat partial....)

At the end of our ultrasound, the technician said, "Let me see if I can get a 3-D image" and exchanged her wand for the 3-D one. We were able to get a quick 3-D face shot. From this, we could clearly tell that Tucker looks like his Daddy! He has his Daddy's nose and lips! Of course, since I think his Daddy is super good-looking, this is alright by me! :)

Amazing! That's all I can say! Absolutely amazing that such a perfect, beautiful, precious little human being is growing inside of me! One that God has perfectly designed just for Wes and I! It absolutely blows me away and puts me on my face in awe of God's love for me!


katie said...

The Gaithers definately know what it's like for the boys in the family to look EXACTLY alike. The other day someone who has never even seen Chris said, "Does he look like your husband because Caden looks nothing like you." but I wouldnt have it any other way.

Jeanne said...

How great!i Have been meaning to call you and see how it went!!! Great news! Keep baking that baby!!
Isn't so perfect to have little boys to look like their daddies!!! I don't mind it at all either Katie!!! Tiff--I am sure he will have plenty of positive Mommy characteristics!!!! Can't wait to meet him!!!

Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

Well, you are clearly the best looking member of the household (sorry, Baby), but Wes will do. Haha. Just joking. I am sure Tucker will be a strapping little lad like his daddy and have some sweet features like his mommy too.

Virginia said...

Tucker's introduction to the world will be here before you know it! Praying for the 3 of you!