Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WOW! (Can't think of a better title!)

We got to hear Baby Keene's heartbeat again yesterday! And, this time Wes was able to record it on his phone, and let me tell you, we have worn it out! It's just so awesomely amazing to hear it and to know that the little life inside me is thriving! Wes and I grin big corny grins from ear to ear every time we replay that most precious sound!

Yesterday wasn't a scheduled visit, our next one is next week on Thursday. I was having some pains in my lower abdomen so we went to the doctor to get things checked out. Everything is fine, great actually, and the pains are just normal "growing" pains, so-to-speak :) It was well worth any discomfort to hear Baby Keene's heartbeat again! And we love to hear little things about the baby, like for example, the doctor described him or her as "a very active baby." He or she was moving all over the place yesterday, according to the doctor anyway as I still can not feel the movements. (Oh how I can absolutely not wait for the day I can feel that life inside me!) Of course, the extra movement may have been due to the pieces of chocolate I indulged in after lunch... I haven't had a drop of caffeine since I found out I was pregnant (well, other than whats in decaffeinated tea, and the little mini chocolate Hersey bars I indulge in from time-to-time....), so Baby Keene may be a little sensitive to the small amount of caffeine that's in chocolate. (Is there really THAT much in there?!)

Oh, and the doctor said the heart rate is 144, very healthy and very strong! So, there goes the old wives' tale and from what I remember, from 120 to 140 is a boy, and 140 to 160 is a girl..... So, is Baby Keene a girl?! I don't know, but what I do know is that we are dying to know!!!! We absolutely do not have any preferences. We could think of a million and one reasons we'd love to have a son and a million and one reasons we'd love to have a daughter. Either way, we have been mulling over some of our favorite names (that we've actually had picked out for years now....) so that when we do find out, Baby Keene will not be nameless! ;)


katie said...

i have to tell you if you love hearing the little details there is the awesome website and you can select what week you are in during your pregnancy and it tell you all about them and at the end of each week there is something for the husbands.

Marsh Family said...

Tiffany, you sound so much like me when I was pregnant!! I looked so forward to each new milestone and it never got old hearing Sarah Kate's heartbeat! Truly, its the closest I ever felt to God in my life. What a miracle! I kept a journal for my scrapbook and documented every single thing that I felt and went through. I can't wait for Sarah Kate to read it someday. Enjoy every single second. I LOVE reading about the journey of your pregnancy. Please keep us posted!! You're in my prayers!