Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby Keene is already a CHAMP!!!

Several people have asked why we waited so long to share our "news." Well, yes, for us, 11 weeks was a LONG time! Our first real doctor's appointment wasn't until April 9th, so we decided we would wait until we saw the doctor and heard the baby's heartbeat before sharing our news with everyone.

April 9th.... a big date in Baby Keene-to-be's life and in the Mommy- & Daddy-to-be's lives!!! We were just one day shy of 11 weeks. It was Wes's first time at an OB/GYN appointment, so I think he was somewhat nervous. I think naturally expecting mommies and daddies are a little nervous at the first appointment anyway. However, those feelings of nervousness were soon replaced with feelings of joy, excitement, and elation!

After all the "routine stuff" the doctor does at the 11-12 week appointment, she got out her dopplar "thingy" (for lack of a more technical term) and said she was going to see if we could hear the baby's heartbeat. She started off "warning" us that we may not hear the baby's heartbeat because it was still a little early. If we were not able to hear the heartbeat, she would do an ultrasound. My response -- While we would love an ultrasound, I'll be a little nervous if we don't hear a heartbeat... She assured me that it is very normal to not hear the heartbeat this early and to not be concerned if we weren't able to. Regardless of her words, I was nervous and with an exchanged look with Wes, I could tell he was as well. I think thats normal, right?

Well, as I said, nervous feelings didn't last long! As soon as the Doppler "thingy" touched my stomach, and I mean literally right away, no moving that thing around, there was Baby Keene's heartbeat fast and strong! Even the doctor was surprised at how loud and clear it was! Wes and I both had tears in our eyes! It was so amazing!!! There really is a baby in there!!! And, he or she (I almost just typed "he"...) is making sure Mommy and Daddy know that "everything's good here!" The doctor didn't tell us what the heart rate was and I was so excited that I forgot to ask. (I've heard the old wives's tale that if it's really fast, it's a girl, if it's not as fast, it's a boy.....we'll ask next time!) Wes tried to record the heartbeat on his cell, but was so excited that he wasn't able to find the application! Good thing our doctor is patient! :)

Anyway, Baby Keene is already a CHAMP!!! He OR SHE is in there growing and growing! We can't wait for our next doctor appointment on May 7th....

Another thing I just have to share... When we left our appointment, Wes and I had lunch together to take in all that we had just experienced. Then, I went back to work. However, Wes took a detour to Baby's R Us. I got a phone call a little bit later while he was still at the store. He was checking out the things they have that allow you to hear the baby's heartbeat from home. Isn't my husband the sweetest!? He is so excited about being a Daddy!

Right now, at 12 weeks, Baby Keene is just over 2 inches long head to rump, about the size of a lime, and weights half an ounce!

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Anonymous said...

That is so cute Wes was brave enough to go to Babies R us!!! It took me a long time to go there and the first time I left immediately!! You are in for lots of fears and worries (and not knowing the technical words to stuff!) It will get easier!! btw--he/she IS A champ already!! More to come!! loL!!