Monday, February 16, 2009

Brag Attack!!!! BAM!

Okay, I have to brag on Wes.... If you become nauseous when girls brag on their man and go on and on about how wonderful they are, just stop reading now. I'm typically not one of those girls, at least I don't think I go on and on THAT much, though I do have an AWESOME, AMAZING, WONDERFUL, SEXY husband.... (Okay, sorry, I'll stop!)

Last week was pretty busy for us. Well, it wasn't really much different than any other week, but it sure felt busy. It started about Wednesday. I met up with some of the middle school girls following youth group at church and went over some basketball drills with them for about an hour. Then, Wes and I both helped with a new high school basketball ministry later that night (which is awesome, by the way. I'll post more about it at some point.) Anyway, it was late when we got home, so we pretty much showered and went to bed. Then Thursday night, we had a quick dinner after work, had our Upward basketball practice at the church for an hour, then had practice for the b-ball team we play on afterwards. Once again, it was late by the time we got home and showered. The kitchen was a mess from dinner, but I was way too tired to clean it up. I did something I VERY rarely do: I went to bed with a messy kitchen.... I flinch at the thought! I know, but it's just a pet peeve of mine, something that my mom instilled in me so much during my adolescent years, that it's near impossible for me to leave a sink full of dishes for the next day. (Yes, I blame my mother...)

I had to work Saturday and then we had our Upward b-ball game after I got off work. So, Wes and I decided to go out for dinner Friday night for Valentine's Day, instead of Saturday since I speculated that I would be beat by Saturday evening. When I got off work Friday, I rushed home and got ready to go out for dinner, obviously neglecting my messy kitchen (I just didn't make eye contact with the dirty dishes!).

Wes and I had a delicious dinner at Bonefish, one of our favorite places. And, it was YUMMY!!! Since we get lost in conversation when we go out to dinner, it was a little late when we got home. But, add a few rounds of Guitar Hero on top of that, and it was very late.

Anyway, what I'm leading up to is this: We got home from our Upward game and I walked into, not only a clean kitchen, but a clean house!!! While I was at work, Wes had cleaned the kitchen, master bathroom (including the bathtub and toilet), living room, and the basement! Not that our house was messy, but it was our typical once-a-week cleaning, and he had done it so that I didn't have to do anything after working. Of course, I was very appreciative. But, with Wes being the amazing husband that he is, he didn't even feel that I should thank him. His response is that it's not my job to clean the house, it's both our responsibility, so I had nothing to be thankful for. (However, I know he did it for me!)

And the award for Best Husband Ever goes to James Wesley Keene!

Thanks again Baby! I LOVE YOU!!! [MFEO]


Anonymous said...

ok i know i usually don't post comments but i have to comment on this one....

....First of all i want to thank the "Academy" for the award. Its an honor, and a pleasure. i accept this award on behalf of my beautiful wife Tiffany, and my two girls "Baby" and "Lacy" who continue to fill my life with lots of joy! I also accept this award for all the Hubby's holding it down for their Wifey's!!!! I Love you all!!!

There's nothing I wouldn't do to put a smile on your face Tiff!

Anonymous said...

Awwwww! If I didn't know you guys I might throw up!!!! I love it! My first thought is...Bernie HAS to read this!!! I love it! Way to go Wes, you and Tiff never cease to amaze me. BTW--you should come over for a few round of Guitar Hero!!

Anonymous said...

And he cleaned it just the way you like? Next thing you knw, he'll be buyng you pottery barn:). Y'all are the cutest couple.