Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Come one, Come all! (For a bit, anyway! :)

Wes and I were blessed, we didn't lose power during the snow storm (well, only for an hour and a half, but relatively speaking, that doesn't really count). However, many of our family members did. Therefore, our house became a refuge for many of those without power. I counted, and the latest toll looks like our house was a revolving door for a total of (including Wes, myself, and our girls) 7 adults, two teenagers, three kiddos (under the age of 6), and 4 dogs. Thankfully, not all at the same time! The picture below is of my sister, her boyfriend, and their dogs along with me and the girls. It was funny when we were all watching TV and looked up and there were all these dogs spread out over the couch! Doggie Hotel? No, but close!
We're glad we were able to provide some basic needs to those we love (including the loved ones with 4 legs!). Of course, Wes didn't stop at simply the basic needs... Over the course of the week, we had chicken and rice casserole, homemade vegetable soup, and his "secret recipe" chili. YUMMY!!! So, at least everyone's bellies were satisfied! ;)

However, there was one small, tiny, itty-bitty thing Wes and I realized.......WE LOVE OUR "US" TIME! No offense anyone, you're more than welcome anytime! We love ya'll! But, it is nice to have our house to ourselves after going several days without that! Again, I swear, we love ya'll!!!! :)

I really pray that everyone's power has been returned!

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