Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday O'mauri!!!

My nephew (one of the 3), O'mauri Dylan, turned 4 years old yesterday! The family celebrated at mom and dad's house yesterday evening. O'mauri was showered with toys, clothes, and love! More than a 4-year-old could handle, I think. He was SO excited, running around all day! When Bridgette said it was time to sing Happy Birthday, Mauri said, "To me?!" and jumped up and ran to the table. It was so cute!

Then he got so excited while we were all singing to him, that we fell off his bar stool! Now, that was one for America's Funniest Home Video's!!! But, of course, Mauri jumped right back up and we all just kept singing! :)
So, Happy, Happy Birthday to the cutest, most amazing 4-year-old little boy on the planet!!! Uncle Wes and Aunt Tiff love you SO, SO, SO much!

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