Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This is the year we do it for our health!

"I work out at Curves." When I share this information, the usual response is that of surprise, followed by a comment similar to, "You seem like you're too athletic to work out at Curves!?" I think there's a stereotype that Curves is geared towards older women. However, I'm here to tell you that couldn't be farther from the truth! Curves offers a cardio and strength training workout each workout, working every major muscle group. Its set up in a circuit format (see pic on right), with all the machines set up in a circle to promote a supportive, encouraging atmosphere. Each workout lasts approximately 30 minutes. You're on each machine for 3o seconds, working as hard as you can for that 30 seconds, then you get 30 seconds on the recovery boards before moving onto the next machine for 30 seconds, etc. The machines utilize a resistant-type method, making it easy on your joints (which is why many 'older' women choose to work out at Curves). However, what that means is that you determine how hard you want to work out, or in other words, how much you want to get out of your workout. The faster you move the machines, the more resistant they become and the harder you workout and the more you get out of each workout.

The Curves I go to (in Shelbyville, right by my house), is ran as a faith-based business, and utilizes new "Curves Smart" equipment. The Curves Smart tracks how hard you work out and serves as a personal trainer in that it lets you know when you need to work harder. Your progress is tracked and adjusted as you reach personal goals. Before getting on each machine, you insert your key tag. Then, a green light shows up if you're working hard enough, and a yellow light if you need to work harder (see pic on right). At the end of each work out, you put your key tag into the computer and your points are calculated. It determines if you met your personal goal, how many calories you burned, and shows your progress by muscle group. Based on your last three workouts, it adjusts what your "goal" is.

Trust me! This is a workout in every form of the word! Someone once told me that they went into a Curves before and nobody was sweating and it appeared as if the workout was easy. Just like any other gym, some people work harder than others. When I complete a workout, you better believe I'm sweaty! I come home and am still sweaty, just ask Wes! ;) There's also a machine that tracks your heart rate. Mine is usually 140 to 160 beats per minute. How much more of a cardio workout can you ask for?
Based on my Curves print out today, I burned 754 calories (in 30 minutes!!!) and have lost 12 pounds and 18 inches since October. That's without dieting. In my book, that's success!!! :) (Though, I'd like to lose more, wouldn't we all!)
This year, the motto at Curves is "This year we do it for our health!" I'm on board! :)


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! you go girl!!! i knew you have lost alot! your looking fabulous!! Maybe I should try curves again! I didnt know about the "light" thingy.

I learn something new every time I "talk" to you! (in person or via blog!!)

Anonymous said...

You look amazing, Tiff. You shrink more everytime I see you. Seriously. I know that it's tuff to stay commited to a workout routine, but you have done a great job.