Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sneak Peak at Spring

We enjoyed the pockets of warmer weather we have had.
Unfortunately, colder weather is in the very near future.
We knew that would be the case, and the mid 40's to upper 60's was just a teaser, so we tried to soak it up while we could.
We played at the park, sported sunglasses, rolled down windows, jumped in mud puddles, chased our shadows, reached the sky on swings, visited two zoos (Cincinnati and Louisville), slid down fireman poles, went on walks, rode bikes, hunted for walking sticks, fell in love with slides all over again, fell asleep in strollers (well, Gracie did anyhow!), and yearned for spring....

I don't have pictures of everything, but here's a few I was able to rummage together :).

Louisville Zoo where we got a surprise visit from Daddy who was in town for work :).

Red Orchard Park

Cincinnati Zoo

And literally, the day after we enjoyed the sunshine and 60 degree weather, the snow started....again.

As you can tell, Gracie was not happy about it.

 Tucker's words: 
"More snow?!  Winter is never going to end and Spring is never going to come, is it?!"
I feel ya, Buddy...

Spring, we are waiting on you....!

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