Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gracie for President!

Gracie is a little over 29 months now.
My baby girl, truly is not my baby girl anymore.
A fact that she reminds me of daily.
It's so bitter sweet to realize your baby, the youngest of how ever many kiddos you have, is not a baby anymore....
To watch the beautiful person she is growing into is priceless.
But, to have her 'growing up' is heart aching...
I should have known she wouldn't stay my baby for long.  
The girl has always been independent and an over-achiever.  
She crawled at 5 months, walked at barely over 9 months, potty trained herself at just under 19 months, has a steadfast goal to keep up with her big brother....
She just refused to stay a baby and her toddler days are dwindling....
And, although  it sure makes this momma sad to know that her baby isn't a baby, I really wouldn't change one little thing about her.

Her spunky, lover-of-life personality is what makes Gracie our Gracie.

Here, these picture basically sum her up :).

She may very well be president of the United States one day.

Wouldn't surprise me one bit.

Of course, the White House would be painted pink, or perhaps yellow.
Chocolate would be a basic food group.
Along with yogurt, avocado bowls, and popcorn.
"Let it Go" from Frozen would be the National Anthem.
Bedtimes earlier than 9:30 wouldn't be allowed.
Hair bows and teeth brushing would be over-rated.
Dogs would be our country's official animal.
The ABC's would be played over loud speakers everywhere; however, counting past 5 would be unnecessary, just start back at one.
Beach vacations would be monthly.
Okay, maybe weekly.
Gymnastics would be America's favorite past time.
"Song" would be the official language.
Every person would be required to memorize "The Coyote Who Swallowed a Flea" book. 
One would never leave the house without adorning the perfect accessories, shoes, and chapstick-clad lips.
The story of Jesus calming the scary storm (Matthew 8:23-27) would be written on the walls of the White  Pink House.
Big Brothers and Daddies would all be superheros.
Babies would never be left in dirty diapers and would all be breastfed.
Tea Time would be promptly at 2 o'clock.
Crafting with a specialty in cutting and gluing would be an Ivy League college degree.
Kisses, hugs, and lots of snuggles would solve all world problems.
The world would be one happy playground.

I'd sure vote for her!

Trust me, this girl would get the job done!

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Stover's site said...

I tried to leave a post earlier, but it got stuck or something... anyway... love this post. It had me smiling from start to finish. Love that sweet girl!