Friday, March 28, 2014

Basketball 2014

Tucker has very recently taken up a love for basketball.
It still comes and goes.  He'll shoot around all day, pretend to shoot free throws, want Daddy and Mommy to play defense on him....  Then, he doesn't think about it again for a few days.
We have been to a zillion basketball games in his lifetime supporting Aunt Jenni and the Collin's Titans coached by a very dear friend of ours.
He loves going to the games, but more so for socializing with his friends and cousins, the food that he's usually only allowed to get at basketball games (nachos, M&M's, hot dogs, occasionally a sprite!), and of course, the mascot.  Tucker and Gracie both love a good mascot lol!

Well, his recent love of basketball has definitely grown over the past couple months that he's been playing on a basketball team.  He's one of the youngest kids, if not the youngest one, being that it's a pre-K/Kindergarten league, but he loves it :)!  Daddy coaches, another aspect Tucker loves!

He has really grown over the season.  A few months ago I'm not sure he knew there was much more to basketball than running up and down the court.
Now, he understands offense and defense, rebounding, passing, and more.
Tucker prides himself on two things, running fast and passing the ball.
At an age where every kid wants to be the one who dribbles the ball, and of course scores, I am proud of Tucker for priding himself on passing.  When he has the ball, he doesn't even look to shoot, but instead looks for teammates to pass the ball to.  I think he knows which teammates are more likely to make a goal!  After the game, he will tell me how many passes he made :).  He also gets very excited when a teammate scores.  

Other than that, he is known for being very 'animated' while playing!
He makes all kinds of faces, and has moments where he's definitely doing his own thing lol!

The season ended last night, and it was definitely a perfect introduction to the sport :).

Here are some pictures taken over the season:

Daddy coaching


Nash was mesmerized by his big cousin playing ball!
 Our little baller!
 Tatum was one of Tucker's favorite people to come cheer him on (followed by Aunt Holli, Memaw, Papa, and Uncle Nick)!
 Pre-game fuel!

Gracie loved cheering on her big brother....

.....and hanging out with her friends who were cheering on their big brothers!
Here are Gracie and Ruby :).

Of course, the popcorn wasn't bad either ;).

 Team mates!  Charlie, Eli, Caden, and Tucker Bug!

Mommy! Daddy!  There's the mascot!!!
 Tucker giving the Collins Titans' mascot a high five!
 Tucker and his team played an expo game during half-time of a Collins game!
 Being his silly self! And always having a good time!  I love it!!!

Some more game time pics

 One of Tucker's few attempts at a goal.  This one was pretty close!

Tucker and his team mate, Davion!

Tucker was soooo very proud of his medal :).
 After nap that day, he wore his new medal and his medal from soccer last fall all day lol!

Always a great big brother!!!

Tucker and "Coach Keene", we call him "Daddy" :).

The post-season team!
Remember these faces....I have a feeling there's some future All Stars in this picture ;).

Yep, #9 in the Chuck Taylor's, we are your biggest fans :).

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