Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sleepover at Papa & Memaw's House

Tucker and Gracie had a sleepover at Papa and Memaw's house last night.
They had been counting down the days all week?
They were beyond excited!
Tucker got up at 5:00 am yesterday morning, ready to pack his things and go.
He was not a happy boy when I told him it wasn't until after nap time that Memaw was coming to get him!

Daddy had taken the day off work, so we took the kids to All About Kids to wear them out so they would nap help the day go by quickly :).

Finally, the time came!

I put on Gracie's shoes, she looked at Memaw and said, "I ready go, Memaw!" looked at me and said, "Bye Mommy! I love you to moon and back!"

Wes loaded Tucker up in his car seat in Memaw's car and he said, "Daddy! This is the best day ever!"

I guess to say they were excited was an understatement lol!

Here are some pictures Mom texted me while they had the kids.

Gone Fishing!

Papa gets a head massage before bed :)

 Cinnamon Roll Making the next morning 

Obviously, Memaw took all the pictures so, unfortunately, she's not in any of the pictures :(.

Tucker and Gracie had soooo much fun!  
Gracie came home with her finger nails and toe nails painted blue to cheer on the Wildcats,
and Tucker was excited to share the cinnamon rolls they made with Mommy and Daddy!

Thank you, Papa and Memaw, for taking such great care of our babies! :)

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