Saturday, January 19, 2013

Christmas 2012 - Sweet Memories, Part 2

On Christmas morning, Tucker woke up at 6:30 am.  Typically, he wakes, pees in the potty, then comes into our room to wake us up.  On this morning, he woke us by yelling "Mommy!" from his room.  I went in thinking I would cuddle up with him for a little bit and maybe get a few more minutes of sleep before starting the day.  When I went in his room, he was all snuggled up with his silky.  I crawled into bed with him, wrapped him in my arms and pulled him close.

It was then that he said, in a very sad voice but very matter-a-fact, "Santa didn't come."

"What do you mean he didn't come?"

"There's no presents under the tree..."

Realizing he had already been up and must have looked under the tree in the living room not the one in the basement, "Oh.  Well, did you check the tree in the basement?"

Suddenly remembering that we did in fact have another (and even bigger) Christmas tree, "No! Do you think Santa put presents under that tree?!"

"Well, lets go get Daddy and Gracie up and check!"

I felt so bad that he thought Santa hadn't come to his house!  Thankfully, the disappointment was very short lived when he realized there were a handful of presents under the tree in the basement for both him and Gracie.

Gracie loved her bike and boots!
And Minnie Mouse purse....
 complete with sunglasses fit for a Diva, lipstick, and her very own iPhone!

 Tucker got what he asked for: a blue pulling truck, complete with a caution sign, orange construction cones, and work zone signs.  He's very serious about his construction sites!
 Then he got a few surprises, including a real guitar and a keyboard complete with a head set..
Watch out Justin Bieber!  Tucker Keene is in the building (and he's got way better hair!).
 And I don't think I have to tell you who really enjoys Tucker's super hero cape and mask....
Tucker was also very excited about the UK hat and North Face jacket he picked out for Daddy.
(And he was so excited about the new running shoes and bright colored socks that he had picked out for Mommy that I actually opened those the day he and Daddy went shopping because he came in the door after getting home almost screaming with excitement about what he had gotten me lol!)

I realized after looking back that I didn't take as many pictures Christmas morning as usual, but I had decided to take more video than pictures.  I don't pull out the video camera near as often as I should so I'm trying to make a conscience effort to do so more often.  Christmas morning is a perfect video moment :).

Definitely some sweet, sweet memories with my beautiful family!

Heavenly Father,
Thank you so much for the birth of your son, Jesus Christ. 
For sending HIM to show us your unconditional, unending love for us.
Thank you for your grace, your undeserving grace. 
Thank you for the many blessings you have so graciously given me.
Thank you for my selfless, loving husband and my healthy, perfect children. 
For the small moments you use to show me you love me and care about me, more than I could ever imagine.
I pray that I never take those small moments for granted. 
That I slow down, live in the moment-always, and enjoy every bit of this life you have given me.
I pray that in those small moments, I am always reminded of your love for me.  
For the GIFT you have freely given me, and all of us.  
I pray that I am obedient to the plan you have for me. 
I love you.
In the name of your precious son, Jesus,

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