Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Baby Jesus, Baby Jesus...

I'm a little (or a lot) late in posting this, but this is the song that Tucker and his friends at church performed for all the Mommies and Daddies at Christmas time.

Some things I love about the video
*  Tucker had practiced the song and motions so much that Gracie soon started doing the motions every time Tucker sang the song. (Okay, I guess that's not actually in the video...)
*  Tucker's best-friend cousin, Tatum, came to church that morning just to see Tucker sing and she ended up in the performance!
*All the kids were just so darn cute!
*  Tucker trades spots with Eli to be next to Tatum.  He LOVED that Tatum got to sing too!
*  Holli did not think there was ANY way Tatum would get up there and do the song.  Christ Community Church is SO inviting that even a little stage fright from a 3 year old is no match for our hospitality :)!
*I love that one of the children shouted, "Hi Mommy!" I wish I knew which one it was!
*  Tucker did a GREAT job with the motions and the words of the song.
*I love that Aiden and Harrison played with a little car during the performance lol!
*  At the end of the performance, Wes zooms in on Tucker and you can see his face light up when he catches Memaw in the crowd.  Read his lips, "Memaw!"
*  When the kids are done singing, Tucker turns and waits for Tatum, and motions her to "come on".  They truly LOVE each other.

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